Saturday, August 16, 2008

In which my slippers become famous

Regular readers of NRJW know I love photographing my garden. But the picture I'm proudest of is this one, which I took at the U.S. Botanical Gardens three years ago during one of our trips to Washington, D.C.

Those of you who use the internet to plan your weekend trips and vacations may be familiar with Schmap, the online travel guide for major cities around the world. I was tickled when they came across my photo of two lady's slipper orchids and requested permission to use it on their Washington D.C. Trips & Activities - Capitol Hill page. (You'll see it on the right-hand side, cycling with about 20 other pictures.)

Now that I'm a more experienced photographer, I don't quite like the way I cropped the photo, and I wish I had enhanced the color a little. But I'm very happy with the blurred, sunny background (I love the window at the top right), and I still think it's one of the best photos I have ever taken. I've used it as my computer's desktop image for the past two years because I never seem to tire of the wonderful stripes and spots and the exotic colors combined in these tiny orchids. And the shape of the flowers--don't they look like pointe shoes for fairies?

I have often wondered if this photograph is as good as I think it is. So as you can imagine, I was delighted to learn that the people at Schmap thought enough of it to include it on their site.

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