Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday night in the garden

We planted them late, so we haven't seen any moonflowers yet, but don't the vines look pretty with the twinkly lights on the arbor? (Sorry, but this was as good a photo as I could get without a flash.)

That's a basket of strawberries hanging on the right side. Of course we're not getting enough berries to make jam or anything, but when I'm out watering plants and deadheading roses, it's fun to gobble a few berries and then slurp some cold water from the garden hose just like a kid.

And do you longtime NRJW readers notice anything different at the bottom right of this photo? Yes, after all these years, my famous blue chair finally has a mate. (My husband didn't build the new one; he just brought it home and slapped some of my favorite blue paint on it.)

Now I believe I'll pour another glass of iced tea and go back outside. The night is young....


Laura Weldon said...

My husband is the gardener in this family, so I can't take any credit, but we had our very first Moonflower bloom last night. They're so bewitching!

Brenda Coulter said...

Still waiting for my moonflowers, Laura.... When they bloom, I'll try to photograph some.