Sunday, July 06, 2008

A question for the bird

Look, I know you're busy keeping those eggs warm and all, but with the dozens of mature trees in my back yard, did you really think the top of my seven-foot rose trellis was the best place to build your nest?

No, I won't mention this to my neighbor's bird-eating cat. But just now you were chirping loud enough to get my attention, and I am not constantly on the prowl for fat, juicy little birds.

I just think you ought to be more careful, especially now that you have a family to think of.


Shelley said...

Might have thought it was safer since there are thorns on the bush...the cat might not want to get pricked by the thorns...hard to say though since I'm not a bird and don't know how they think, lol.

CatMom said...

Hello Brenda! I am behind on "blog-viewing" and trying to catch up, so this question is for your June 21 post. Your Stargazer Lilies are GORGEOUS!!!! Are they hard to grow?? They are my absolute favorite, and sometimes I "treat myself" and buy a bouquet when my local Kroger has them at a decent price. When my Mama passed away 3 years ago, many of the arrangements we received had Stargazers in them, and they reminded me of her. Just wondering if they're a challenge to grow?! Blessings, Patti (from Georgia)

Brenda Coulter said...

Shelley, I think the thorns might keep that bird family safe. The rose on that trellis is New Dawn, which has WICKED thorns.

Patti, Stargazers don't take any fussing at all. I've put both bulbs and plants in the ground with a little compost and they've done just fine. They come back year after year. The only problem I've ever had was last year, when some mean deer ate them almost down to the ground!