Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In which I am excessively diverted

I have just turned a trying Tuesday afternoon on its head by making a pot of tea and beginning Emma Campbell Webster's Lost in Austen: Create your Own Jane Austen Adventure.

From the editorial description at Amazon:

The journey begins in Pride and Prejudice but quickly takes off on a whimsical Austen adventure of the reader's own creation. A series of choices leads the reader into the plots and romances of Austen's other works. Choosing to walk home from Netherfield Hall means falling into Sense and Sensibility and the infatuating spell of Mr. Willoughby. Accepting an invitation to Bath leads to Northanger Abbey and the beguiling Henry Tilney. And just where will Emma's Mr. Knightley fit in to the quest for a worthy husband? It's all up to the reader.

A labyrinth of love and lies, scandals and scoundrels, misfortunes and marriages, Lost in Austen will delight and challenge any Austen lover.

Who could possibly resist a labyrinth of love and lies, scandals and scoundrels? I am now on page 13 and at a crossroads where I must judge whether it is more shameful to have a relative living on Gracechurch Street or on Grosvenor Street.

Ah. I guessed correctly. Gracechurch Street is in Cheapside (I am told on page 62), a most unfashionable part of London.

If you'll excuse me now, I believe I will give the bell-pull a little tug and order some more tea.

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The Goddess said...

Oh, how wonderful! This is going on my wishlist.