Monday, July 03, 2006

George Hincapie looks good in yellow

I'm not all that into watching sports on TV, but I haven't missed a Tour de France since I started following it years ago with my Number One Son, a cyclist. I've posted lots of bike pics here (the pink track bike was a big hit with my readers), so of course I'm going to crow about my boy George Hincapie taking the yellow jersey yesterday. I'm not sure he's quite ready, yet, to win the Tour, but watching him in the time trials the other day and then seeing yesterday's brilliant little sprint (way to stay awake, George!) was a treat. Can't wait to see him in the mountains.

Note to Tristan: Haven't I been telling you for the last couple of years? Huh?

By the way, all you writers should click on the "George" link, above, because it includes some clever stuff (alas, not written by yours truly) comparing the dangers of cycling to writing books.

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Neal said...
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Neal said...

Since you're talking bikes this morning, quite by coincidence I came across the following cycling related tip in another blog. This might be well known in the cycling fraternity, but it's a new one on me:

Anonymous said...

Tour de France. Is there a cooler sport to watch?? I love it, but have little to no time. :o( The cycle of life is just too busy!

Brenda Coulter said...

Is there a cooler sport to watch??

No. It's as complicated as a chess match, but way more exciting.

Neil, thanks for the link. Interesting idea. I suppose I should open a bottle of pinot noir tonight so my Number Two Son can have the cork.