Friday, June 30, 2006

You won't find it here, either

This morning Terry Teachout posted a list of five things we can count on him not to blog about:

• Star Jones Reynolds

• The sixtieth anniversary of the bikini

• Superman’s politics

• Superman’s sexuality

• Rob Schneider’s fainting spell

I deeply appreciate his restraint, and I hope he will also avoid blogging about:

• The possibility of Harry Potter's death in Book Seven

• Harper Lee's "silence-breaking" in Oprah's magazine (It was just a letter, people. Sheesh.)

• Anyone under the age of 21 who lands a Big Money Book Deal from a major New York publisher

What subjects do you wish bloggers would just shut up about?

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Kristi said...

Dan Brown. I'm sick to death of hearing (especially from other writers but readers, too) that they would have done his book different/"right"/better. Driving me insane, I tell you. :-)

Brenda Coulter said...

You're so right. I can't think how I left him out.

Cathy West said...

Yeah - Da Vinci code.
Sick of it.

Oh, and I know I am guilty of this at times,
Don't tell me how little Suzie had a accident in the supermarket and you're so strung-out about because you really, really, for sure thought she was potty trained.

Nope, not interested.
Coming from the jaded mother of two teenagers, they grow up people, get over it.

Oh boy. That wasn't nice. I think I should go to bed early tonight.

Shelley said...

I would like it if bloggers didn't always harp on big news stories that are in all the papers, on all the TV stations; and politics is another subject I wish people didn't discuss (probably because I am so not into politics). Oh, and I agree with the others on the whole Da Vinci Code thing too.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I love to discuss and debate both politics and religion...but Dan Brown and the DaVinci Code win the "Not to be blogged about" prize with me!

Candice Gilmer said...

Trashing anything...

I'm not into blogs that slam politics, beliefs, the latest gossip about who said what on what board...

That stuff is old, and I hate seeing grown people acting like they're teens overrun with hormones.

A rant on occasion is okay, but if every post is a rant about something? no thanks, not a blog for me.

Kristin said...

1) Brangelina and/or Brangelina's baby.

2) How wrong the war in Iraq was/is (depending on your POV)

3) Global Warming

Mirtika said...

I was gonna say Dan Brown, but everyone beat me to it. :)

I, actually, am not sick of the "Will Harry live or die?" posts, but then, I am a Potterophile.

I am sick of talk about the price of gas, about Brangelina's baby and Jen, about Gore's flick on global warming, and about the World Cup.



Mirtika said...

Hey, why does your link titled "Heather's New Journey" to to Hawaiian Writer/Malia's blog?


Brenda Coulter said...

It seems I left one measly little " mark out of my code, turning two links into one. Thanks for calling me on it.

Speaking of the World Cup (not blogging about it, sugar-pie, just "speaking" of it) I'm still mad at AOL for making me look at a photo of David Beckham vomiting. What on earth was the point in that? Show the man bending over, okay, I get it that he threw up. But why show the stuff spewing from his mouth? Ick.

Mirtika said...

Maybe the producer has a vomit fetish. Or, he hates Beckham. Could go either way.

Guy's not hard on the eyes, is he?