Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Second Annual Blog Appreciation Day

On this day last year, I posted the following:

Last week reported on a Gallup poll showing that although three-quarters of Americans use the internet, only 26% were familiar with blogs and only 7% say they read blogs at least a few times a week.

How about that? You're way cooler than you imagined. You're a trendsetter, part of that adventurous 7% of Americans* Who Read Blogs. Hooray for you and hooray for blogs!

I have proclaimed this Blog Appreciation Day here in Brendaland. If you'd like to celebrate BAD, leave a comment below and tell everyone about the blogs you enjoy reading. Post a couple of good links and tell us why we should click on 'em. And if you have a blog, go ahead and toot your own horn. Just keep it all family-friendly, please. My little sister and one of my kids read this stuff.

So. Whose blogs have you been reading lately?

*Please forgive the generalization. My traffic logs tell me that roughly 8% of the visitors to No rules are not Americans.


ParkAvePirate said...

I "heart" blogs. I have been a blogger and blog support since they were called "journals".
I have two favorite blogs that I have to check each day (besides this one):
Journey to my baby (my cousin/room-mates process of adopting Lucy from Ethiopia)
Trucker Tracy's Photo Blog (very funny pictures)

And in good taste of tooting my own horn...

Happy B.A.D. to you too!


Goddess said...

I must have my blog fix every day- it's an addiction, but I'm okay with that. Aside from yours, Brenda, I read blogs by nurses and doctors, web designers, artists, organizational freaks, designers, and of course, my husband's and those of friends. They are a link to a varied and outside world that I appreciate sooo much. Living in a village of 400 people, 2 hours from the nearest store and 30km from the Alaskan border, we can't get radio (mountains in the way of the signals), and there's no little theatre or local coffee spot, but blogs make an adequate substitute for the good old CBC, and I can 'visit' folks all over the world from my living room!
I think that I really enjoy the participatorial (is that a word?) nature- they are a sort of slowed down conversation, and I think that fascinates me almost as much as the wonderful stories and personalities I encounter.

jel said...

and 3% of us are abbynormal :0

Amy A. said...

I read a lot of author blogs, like this one, Angela Hunt, Lisa Samson, Charis Connection, Mary DeMuth and some others. My favorite non-writer blogs are Daring Young Mom, Vegan Lunch Box, (Go here to see the most creative lunches a mom can send to school with her kid) Girl Talk, and Triathamom. You can hit all these links by visiting my super new blog at
Click on my name below!
I'm happy to be celebrating BAD with you!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I love, love, love Blogging! I have all of the blogs that I visit cataloged on that way I get a daily email of who has updated. I average about 28 blogs a day.

Some of my favorites are: here at Brenda's naturally, Novel Journey by Gina Holmes, Forensic and Faith by Brandilyn Collins, Joe's Jottings by Joe Scroggins, Charis Connection, Lisa Samson, Alton Gansky, La Shawn Barber and Ted Dekker just to name a few.

You can find most of the links on the left sidebar of my blog!

Josie said...
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Josie said...

Since you said we can toot our own horn, I'll toot away. Here's my own blog:

The blogs I enjoy reading (besides yours!) are:

Jozef Imrich, Esq. said...

Top Ten Sources is a new site that finds best blog sources on a topic and it includes you under Writing Women category ...

Neal said...

Well Brenda, in no particular order, in addition to yours I tend to look at:

most of which, now I look at 'em, are about writing or drawing things on paper. There are others too, but these are the ones that jump out of my Bloglines subscriptions at the moment.

Oh, and if you insist on me putting in a(nother) link to Mr Porkpop, well, why not:

It's Mr P's first anniversary tomorrow, by the way!

Gina Burgess said...

I'm like Bonnie... I ADORE blogging. I'm a member of Christian Bloggers and have a long list of great Christian blogs of all kinds of interests on my sidebar. Plus there are a few extra that I visit at least twice a week...

Joe B's blog God Even Loves Idiots Like Me
Shannon's blog =
Hey Jules' blog Faith or Fiction
David Meig's blog Curmudgeon's Rant

B. J. Hoff has quit blogging = sigh
I've been following Tony Hine's adventure with his novel "Waking Lazarus"Tony Hines
Plus Becky, Val and Claire

Of course Faith In Fiction

My blog at Refreshment in Refuge Where I am going through a study of motivation Spiritual Gifts found in Romans 12

I hope the above HTML works right. If not, I'll repost.

Gina Burgess said...

Ooops... Shannon's blog is Wind Scraps

Brenda Coulter said...

First, thanks to everyone who has put No rules on their favorites list.

Goddess, I live in a big city, so I have some choices you can only dream about, but I still love blogs and read them every day. And right now, yesterday's print newspaper is lying on my kitchen table, still unread.

Amy, you be careful with that shiny new blog. This stuff is addictive!

Jozef, thanks for mentioning the Top Ten Sources site. They've been sending me traffic, and I have yet to send them a thank-you note for including me on their Top Ten Writing Women list. (I have a huge pile of e-mail to answer, but that's on my list to do today.)

Thanks to Jen, Josie, Gina, and the rest of you for all the links. There's some good stuff in there.

Neal, happy bloggiversary. I went over there just now, looking for some cake. Couldn't you at least have drawn one?

Katie Hart said...

The blogs I read are listed under "Blogs I Read" (I know, how creative) on my blog Christian Novels ( - or click to my profile for the link - I don't how to do those cool links like the others).

Brenda Coulter said...

Katie, because this is a full-service blog, we provide link lessons for those who require them.

I'm going to use parentheses to illustrate, because if I use the "<" and ">" signs that are called for, I will actually build the link and you won't be able to see how I did it. Here's the HTML code you need:

(a href="")text(/a)

Now, just tuck a URL between the quotes. And replace "text" with whatever you want your link to say.Then you'll have:

(a href="")Go to Katie's blog now.(/a)

Again, I have used the parentheses only for illustration. You must use the < and > signs in their places, which will give you a nice, working link:

Go to Katie's blog now.

Mel said...

Here's my blog, called Actual Unretouched Photo. I have a ton of favorites and a reciprocal blogroll . . . and a 3-year old with the flu who is now crying for me!

Mirtika said...

My sidebar over at Mirathon has blogs I visit with some regularity, and some I enjoy less frequently. Most are reading/writing related or on matters theological or political. :)


Angie said...

This is fun! My favorite blogs have changed recently so I'm glad to share them!

Shoot Coke out your nose funny:Tiny Kingdom
Somewhere on the Masthead
For those bookish types:Pub Rants
Personal blogs:Being Jennifer Garrett
Heather Anne