Friday, March 03, 2006

My blog tour - the last day

Woo-hoo! When I checked at 10:51 Eastern time this morning, A Family Forever had edged past the Ann Rice book to hit the Number 3 position on Technorati's Popular Books list--right behind The DaVinci Code and Harry Potter. There's no way my little book is going to get more internet buzz than those two, so this is as high as it'll climb up the list. But I'm very pleased and deeply grateful to the Christian Fiction Blog Tour people making this happen.


At 2:32 p.m., my book shoved past Harry Potter and slid into the Number Two position--still behind The DaVinci Code. But I think all of the bloggers on the Tour have checked in now, so I'm not expecting any more links today. By tomorrow, my book will have dropped way down the list.

If anybody wants to have a bit of fun and help me stomp all over Mr. Brown's book, toss up a blog post today and include this link: (It's important that you don't click on my link and then copy & paste from your browser window. The link is set up to redirect you, so you'll see a different address when you arrive at the Amazon page. Copy and paste my link.)

As things stand now, five or six posts should move me into the number one spot.

Yes, this is gaming the system. But I'm feeling ornery this afternoon.

Thanks to the following CFBT members who are blogging about my book today:

Wren Miller has a review up at Wren reviews...

Tina Kulesa enjoyed the book and has posted a review.

Valerie at In My Little World liked the book, also.

Christopher Well has posted the third and final part of his interview with me.

This post by Kathleen Popa at Reading, Writing, and... What Else is There? titled, "Brenda Coulter, Romance Novelist - An Unlikely Story" totally charmed me. Even though Katy included a photo of me on a Very Bad Hair Day.

I think this is the last one today, but if I've missed anybody, please let me know: Marci has put up a link at Writer-lee.

And this one's not part of the Christian Fiction Blog Tour, but I just wanted to thank Gina Holmes at Novel Journey for posting a long interview with me. The questions were some of the best I've seen, and I told Gina some things I haven't mentioned elsewhere in blogland.


TL Hines said...

Brenda - Rather than "gaming the system," I prefer to call it "garnering publicity."

It's all about euphemisms.

pattie said...

I republished my review (updated time & date stamp to today) with the link.

Have fuuuuunnn!!!

Annalee Blysse said...

I have my first print coming out soon... have to admit I notice what is up at Technorati and that's how I found your page. :)

Brenda Coulter said...

Rather than "gaming the system," I prefer to call it "garnering publicity."

Thank you, Tony. I stand corrected. ;-)

For a very brief period this evening (less than two hours, as far as I could tell), my book did hit Number 1 on Technorati's Popular Books list. It's back down to Number 2 as I write this a few minutes after midnight (Eastern Time). Thanks, Pattie and everyone else who made my fifteen minutes of fame possible today.

Annalee, congratulations on your upcoming release and thanks for reading my blog. Glad you took the time to say hello.

Lee Ann said...

I haven't heard of this Technorati thing before so I am a bit curious as you sound so giddy about it. Does being on top of Technorati's Popular Book List mean we'll be seeing your book climb to a #1 peak on USA Today's Bestseller list? Or the New York Times bestseller list? I know that the Harry Potter books and Da Vincci Code are mega sellers. But as to your book, umm, well.....last I saw on amazon, you were on the hundreds of thousand something rank. Granted, as you say, not all people buy their books online ( though I buy all of my books online), so maybe next weeks USA today's list might include you book?

Brenda Coulter said...

Lee Ann, this whole thing has been an experiment in creating "buzz" for a book. The high rating on Technorati's Popular Books page means that people all over the blogosphere are TALKING about my book. Over 40 bloggers have mentioned it in the past three weeks--in more than 50 separate blog posts. They've included photographs of my book's cover, links to my blog, my website, and "my" page on Amazon. They've interviewed me and they've reviewed my book; all of that helping to spread awareness about it.

The Popular Books ranking is simply a measure of this experiment's success.

And if you think I expect or even aspire to reach any of the bestseller lists with this book, you must be very new around here. ;-)

Bonnie Calhoun said...

T give Lee Ann a little more info...I know several dozen name a few that are internet junkies and use that list to dictate their book buying habits.

I sit in the middle of a city where none of the buying locations are out of reach...including Wal-Mart, so it never occurred to me just how many people are shopping deprived! Technorati popular book list actually sells books (the hype, I mean)

I posted another blurb about you today, Brenda (Saturday) Sorry I didn't get to see the post yesterday. But I just checked Technorati...2:47 EST..Saturday and you're at #3...Not bad! Especially up against the likes of the big guys!

Brenda Coulter said...

Bonnie, you are just too much!


Julana said...

You're welcome. :-)

Gina Holmes said...

Brenda, I changed novel journey's address from "" to "" so, the link to your interview will be slightly differnet. Thought I'd let you know.

Brenda Coulter said...

Just changed it, Gina.

Is everybody else happy with their links? Did I miss thanking anyone?

Anonymous said...

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