Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Another 15 minutes of fame

Hey, bloggers--do you use FeedBurner for your RSS feeds? All the cool kids do. Cruise over there and check out the home page (under the "Publisher Buzz" section on the right-hand side) and see if you don't notice a familiar name attached to a glowing testimonial.

Yeah, I'm famous again. For another few minutes, anyway.

Also, I meant to give a shout-out last week (but I forgot, so I'll do it now) to the excessively kind Michael Schaefer, who is currently featuring my blog and promoting my new book (bless his heart!) on the very useful DeepBlog.com. If you've seen the directory, which includes a section for litblogs ("Sites at DeepBlog.com are selected by more than popularity. We search for content, insight, fascination, uniqueness, and usability in order to highlight quality blogs for quality time.") you'll understand why I'm so flattered to have been included. Thanks, again, Michael.

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