Sunday, November 13, 2005

Feeling goofy?

Philipp Lenssen is looking for a few good (blogging) women.

Last night I came across a delightfully peculiar site called Forty Faces: Who Just Blogged? It's a collection of--yep--forty black-and-white headshots of bloggers who have recently updated. This from the site:

Photos from the following 92 bloggers are included whenever they write something new.

Mouseover the photos for the bloggers' names; click on 'em to go to the blogs.

There are a handful of Big Name Bloggers on the site (so I think Terry Teachout should get his mug up there), but most appear to be ordinary folk like me. I hardly think this is likely to bring a lot of traffic to my blog, but the idea was just goofy enough to make me want to get in on the project. So on a lark I e-mailed my photo and my blog's address to Mr. Lenssen along with an observation that he didn't have any women's faces (except, as I recall, LaShawn Barber). He thanked me for the photo, said my next blog entry (this one) would result in my photo going up on his site, and then he asked if I had any female blogging friends.

I do, as it happens. So how many of you would like to do something a little silly today?


Josie said...

Thanks for the 40 Faces link. That's so cool! Hey, I mentioned your book at my blog. Check it out:

jessie girl said...

I think 40 faces is so adorable. I linked, i submitted my photo and can't wait until i can see my mug up there. So now there will be at least two female bloggers.

Brenda Coulter said...

Josie, thanks for reading (and blogging about) my book. <3<3<3

Way to go, Jessie Girl. I'm going to go over there now and see if there are any other ladies yet.

Monica said...

OMG! He has that fetchin' stepit, head bobbin', shuck and jivin', grinnin' Aunt Jemima floozy, LASHAWN BARBER as his only black female. . . No! Only FEMALE blogger up in there!

Thanks for the heads up. That can't do.

Brenda Coulter said...

We're getting a few girl-type people over there now, Monica. But the fact remains that most bloggers are guys. Although I'd love it if the site was suddenly overrun with romance writers!

A friend e-mailed a little while ago to ask why I don't see this as a great promo opportunity. I just posted an answer here.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Well Monica, tell us what you REALLY think :-)


I'll check it out!