Friday, July 29, 2005

Live-blogging the RWA Conference – Day 2-1/2

This afternoon's meeting with my editor went great. She didn't see any red flags in my current project's premise, and she thinks readers won't have any trouble accepting my hero's occupation, so I'm pretty stoked tonight—and eager to get back home and finish that manuscript.

RWA's inspirational chapter, Faith, Hope and Love, met this evening to do some business, sing some praise songs, and give out awards. We're a close-knit bunch, so the reception following the meeting was especially fun. We were joined by Steeple Hill editors Krista Stroever, Diane Dietz, and Melissa Endlich. (Note to aspiring authors: If you're interested in snagging an editor's attention for a few minutes, these small gatherings can offer some good opportunities; you just have to stay alert and be willing to introduce yourself.) The food at the reception was lovely, and when the party broke up I sneaked a plate of melons, strawberries, and some candy-sweet grapes—along with a nice little hunk of baklava—up here to my room. Yum.

When I finish blogging at you I plan to review tomorrow's schedule, make a couple of phone calls, and then freshen up and head to the eHarlequin pajama party, which starts at 11:00.

No, I won't be wearing pajamas. But thanks for wondering.


Anonymous said...

Brenda, I was thinking about how much fun I had at breakfast with you last year and thought I'd see if you'd checked in. What fun to see the conference through your eyes! (I'm sorrier than ever that I couldn't make it!) Hope you're having a great time at the PJ party!

Don't forget to schedule me for breakfast next year in Atlanta!

Anna Adams

Anonymous said...

P.S. I'm glad your meeting went so well--and really glad you'll be rushing home to finish another book!


Heather Diane Tipton said...

glad your meeting went well. It's cool to see the conference through your eyes.

Brenda Coulter said...

Thanks, Heather.

Anna, darlin', I'd be tickled if you'd put me on your dance card for the Atlanta conference. Let's do another of those marathon breakfasts!

Anonymous said...

I'm blocking out half a day now, Brenda, and I can't wait! Hope you're having a great time at the party.