Monday, May 23, 2005

Yes sir, Mr. Teachout, sir

If you don't know that Terry Teachout is my absolute favorite daily read in the blogosphere, you haven't been paying attention. I just did a Technorati search and found that in the five months since I started blogging, I have mentioned and linked to his blog nine times. Here is a sample:

I'm still crushing on Terry Teachout, whose writing is as crisp and juicy as a Granny Smith apple. The guy is unfailingly polite and good-natured, he has a sentimental streak, and his blog is the absolute best out there.

He talks quite a bit about writing, which is why you should read his blog even if you're not interested in the arts scene (he's a drama and music critic)....

This morning Terry's having a "pledge drive". He writes:
No, we don't want you to send us any money (not unless you can spare a life-changingly significant sum, in which case we accept with pleasure!). But do this, please:

If you read "About Last Night" regularly and enjoy doing so, tell a friend about us.

Do it right now.

Yes, sir. I just told a bunch of friends. Again.

By the way, if anyone out there enjoys my blog, maybe you could mention it on yours today. Or if you're not a blogger, how about just e-mailing a friend or two? You could say that although Brenda is no Terry Teachout, bless her heart, she does seem to try awfully hard to inform, amuse, and make you think. And once in a while she posts a really nice photograph.

Will you think about it? I'd be profoundly grateful.


Neal said...

More than happy to oblige, Brenda. I enjoy reading your blog and make it a regular visit, via Bloglines.

lindaruth said...

Brenda, you're one of my daily stops, so off course I'll mention you! And I have you in my blogroll, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda,
ya know if I had a blog I would, and if I owned a newspaper, I would take a full page ad, That I read your blog. That your the bestest of the best in blogworld, then comes Neal's blog, then Bron's, and last of the top 4 of 5 is Chris's blog. ;-D

Brenda Coulter said...

Thanks, Neal and Linda. I wasn't sure anybody would actually do it!

Janice, you're a sweetheart.

Katie Hart said...

Too tired to add any original thoughts, but just read the whole "front" page of posts. Haven't visited in a while because my nice broadband computer was slain by a virus and my dad hasn't found the time to bring it back to life. Enjoyed your posts.

Falling asleep . . .

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Absofreakin'lutely, I'll mention you today!

I'm thinking about just setting aside 2 hours a morning to run through all the ones I like. I deal with a lot of blog guilt: Not writing on mine enough, not visiting others enough. 2 hours a day, everyday, should satisfy that, right?

~Brenda B.

Brenda Coulter said...

Katie, you are excused. ;-) Hope you got some good rest, babe, and I hope your computer is soon back in business.

Brenda B., I'm sometimes a little shocked by the amount of time I spend online. But then I don't watch TV--not at all--so this is my entertainment as well as my work.

Are you reading your blogs in RSS feeds? It sure simplifies things. You can use Yahoo or MSN or Bloglines or several other freebies that don't require installation. Check out those cute little buttons over in the right-hand column and learn how to get yourself set up to read more blogs in less time.

And thanks for promoting my blog.