Thursday, April 07, 2005

Terry Teachout Still Rules!

Faithful readers of this blog are well aware of my profound admiration for the blog stylings and other writings of Terry Teachout. Well, if you can believe this (and even if you can't), the guy has actually read my blog--and today he is quoting me! People, are you getting this? Terry is the Great Pumpkin to my Linus, and he has visited my humble pumpkin patch. Thank you, Terry!

You know, this is deliciously funny. A couple of weeks ago, my pal Booksquare quoted me on her excellent lit-blog. I left her this tongue-in-cheek comment by way of a thank-you:

Woo-hoo, Booksquare has quoted me and linked to my blog! Does this mean I have “arrived” in the blogosphere? Will Terry Teachout take my coat and find me a chair? Will M.J. Rose offer me a glass of wine? Will Mad Max Perkins whisper his real name in my ear?

Sorry. I was a little giddy there for a minute, but I’m okay now.

Was this a self-fulfilling prophecy? As it turned out, M.J. Rose did welcome me to the blogosphere, just two days ago. And this morning Terry has done the same. (Mad Max, it's your turn now. Link to me, dude. You know you want to.)

Maybe I should just give up blogging now. How could anything ever top this?


Peggy said...

Great blog!
Peggy Eldridge-Love

Brenda Coulter said...

Thanks. I appreciate your taking the time to comment.