Tuesday, April 26, 2005

How do you doodle?

My lilacs are blooming, but I didn't make time yesterday to go out and cut any. I slept only about three hours last night, and even this pot of Irish Breakfast tea and a chirpy phone call from my favorite sister* haven't lowered my stress levels. I've got more work than I can possibly finish today, so I'm going to blog "light". I just hope people like My Number One Son and Chris don't heckle me today because I don't have the time (or the energy) to smack them down.

Here's a picture I took a couple of weeks ago and was saving for a rainy day:

That's my favorite pen (a Waterman, for those of you who care about such things), and the magenta ink (from J. Herbin) is rose-scented. Lovely stuff--makes you want to write love letters. Or poems.

When I'm talking on the phone or sitting in a meeting, I doodle. (Click the pic for a closeup.) There is no variety to my doodles. I usually end up with hearts, daisies, shooting stars, or bunches of grapes (with half-full wineglasses). Is that normal? Okay, I'm no artist, but you'd think my doodles would reflect my (over)active imagination, wouldn't you?

Yeah. I needed one more thing to obsess about today.

How do you doodle? Do you make horses and rainbows? Boring little boxes? C'mon, tell us.

*As it happens, she is my only sister. But who's counting?


Anonymous said...

..."chirpy" ...is that a bad thing? I, for one, think you should take 10 minutes to go outside and "smell the flowers". Seriously, will 10 minutes make more of a difference on your deadline, or on your attitude? If I can take (much more than) 10 minutes each day to come to your blog, website, and Tristan's blog...even when I should be working...then you can go cut some lovely lilacs to put in your office. I miss lilacs here in Dallas, and imagine my huge lilacs in Denver are now awash with the lovely, heavenly scented blooms...for the strangers (I certainly hope they appreciate them)who bought out house there.

C'mon Bren, go get some lilacs!

Chris said...

I draw angry men whose penchant for creative snarkiness has been stifled.

... or maybe they just got some bad potato salad.

Who knows? They're angry and they mumble.

Do good today. Do well also.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brenda, if number one son or chris heckle you I'll do the job for you ok :-D I draw eyes when I doodle, you should see Neal's doodles they are really good!

tristan coulter said...

jan, i don't know if you have the proper training to handle me. I can be a real pill when i put my mind to it. =P

Kristin said...

I am a writer, so you would think that I would have a creative type of brain. However, when I doodle, which is rare, (I don't sit in on boring lectures anymore) I tend to draw cubes or pyramids or 3-D letters.

How boring. How dull. No flowers, no hearts, no curlicues. Was I supposed to be a mechanical engineer? Did I miss some higher calling to the math and sciences?

I have always wondered what doodling says about a person...

Anonymous said...

Tristan, you could be right about that, but I'll give it a shot. I'm just looking out for your mom, she cool, even if she doesn't like my kind of songs :-D

Dee said...

i doodle cartoon faces, buildings, 3d abstractions, whatever i see...
chris is a kitten i thought

Camy Tang said...

Waterman? Decadent girl. I gotta get me those scented inks, too. I'm sure my doodles would be masterpieces if I did.

Brenda Coulter said...

Gee, Kristin, I yawned twice while reading about your doodling habits. Cubes and pyramids? Come on. Make an effort, whydontcha? ;-)

Dee, I would very much like to see your cartoon doodles. But I think Chris's would scare me.

Camy, I also have violet- and jasmine-scented inks. Yeah, I'm shamelessly self indulgent. I just love the way my pen glides over the paper, leaving those pretty trails of magenta or purple or royal blue as some wonderful floral scent drifts up to my nose....