Friday, March 18, 2005

Blogging blues

I didn't get around to blogging yesterday because my Number One Son has just come home from Chicago for a weeklong visit. When he came dragging in here early yesterday morning I mothered him with a hearty breakfast (ham and eggs with mushrooms and Swiss cheese; and as if that weren't enough, we sent Number Two Son out for doughnuts). Then we consumed not one, but two pots of Earl Grey tea as we sat at the kitchen table for a good three hours discussing Life, the Universe, and Everything.

It was a wonderful morning, but it threw my schedule off for the whole day, and as I had to do some serious writing (as opposed to the "play" writing I do here) I wasn't online much at all yesterday. So here I am this morning, back in the saddle, looking with dismay at a huge mountain of e-mail that must somehow be climbed over or tunnelled through. And then there's the blog to be updated.

I toyed with the idea of not blogging for two days in a row, but I couldn't bring myself to do it because if I slow down, I'm afraid I'll quit. (I still can't believe I've posted entries nearly every day since Christmas.) But finding time to blog is only half of the battle; I must find something to blog about. (Yes, these posts are generally, although not today, about something.) So as usual, I've just glanced through a dozen other blogs and news reports, waiting for inspiration to strike.

It didn't. Or if it did, it missed me by a mile. After checking out the headlines and then reading about what Terry did last night and what Samuel Pepys did on this day in 1661, I'm not inspired, I'm tired. Would anyone mind if I just went back to bed for a while?

The thing about blogging is that you pretty much have to do it every day. If you don't, your audience will wander off and very soon the only person reading will be your favorite sister. (Not that I don't appreciate it, Skeezicks.) So what I need for busy weeks like this one is some kind of -- well, a placeholder.

A guest blogger.

Terry's far too busy and Samuel is dead, so I'm thinking about offering the job to Number One Son. He's penniless and he has no pride, so I bet I could buy him with a steak dinner and a nice-but-not-expensive pinot noir.

Stay tuned.


Brenda Coulter said...

Three people that I know of have tried to post comments here today, but apparently Blogger is being tempermental again.

I'm sorry. I know how frustrating that is. I tried it two times just now before I was able to post this.

Please don't go away mad. ;-) You can always contact me here:

HerWryness said...

Brenda - I really enjoy your "play" writing. Having said that I will tell you this: I think you're onto something. A guest blogger is a great idea. I for one will read what your number one son chooses to write. So long as YOU don't wander too far.

Sela Carsen said...

I try to post every other day. When my computer isn't dead, that is. I think my blog became a dead zone for a month when I was offline. But I don't worry if *gasp* there's no post on someone's blog everyday!! I figure most folks probably have a real life that they'd like to get on with occasionally. As opposed to the "play" life they have online. :-) And I'd read guest bloggers, too!

Angie Poole said...

Hey, I don't blog about anything rolls, garden tubs, morning glories, deer helper...

Just stop laughing, Brenda.

Okay, maybe I need to hire a guest blogger to just take over.

Brenda Coulter said...

Your Wryness is too kind.

Sela, thanks for the reminder that I have a real life waiting for me back home. Maybe I should get offline now.

Angie, when we lived in Texas we used to make chili with deer sausage and it was fantastic. But I'm pretty sure I don't want to know what's in "deer helper".

I am currently in negotiations with my son and I think he's going to blog-sit tomorrow (Tuesday). You all be sure to come back.