Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Whoops! I accidentally wrote a short story!

I'm not yet happy with the two novels I've been working on, so last month I started writing my first-ever short story in an attempt to recharge my creativity. It was a great writing exercise, and the story came out so well that I have published it at Amazon's Kindle Store. Here's the product description for "Living it Up in Fiddly Falls":
She might be as old as the hills, but she's not dead. So what is Maryann Flemming's obituary doing on Page 4 of the Fiddly Falls Citizens Gazette?

Click here and you'll be zapped to Amazon.

Folksy and fun, this 7,000-word short story is a quick read featuring Christian themes and a touch of romance. Download it now to enjoy during your next coffee break or at bedtime. (Goes great with cookies!)

Click here to see "Living it Up in Fiddly Falls" at Amazon.


Timmy said...

Much better if you included a few lines about the story. It made me want to read it because of the Christian themes. All the best to your book!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brenda,

I can certainly relate to your writing process, as I also decided to write a short story to spark up my creativity. I wish you the best with this book. Already having good reviews. Keep it up.

Kelvin O'Ralph

Brenda Coulter said...

Timmy, the story's too short to share a long excerpt, as I do on my website for all of my novels. So all you get is the teaser.

Kelvin, congratulations on publishing your shortie and getting those good reviews. All the best to you.

D.S.Pais said...

Hi Brenda,

What brought me to this site is your simplicity: No rules. Just write. I read the preview of your book Living it Up in Fiddly Falls: A Short Story and found it interesting.

All the best and keep up the good work!!!

Best Regards,