Friday, August 08, 2008

Hey, Mom! They're blogging about my book!

Forty people have agreed to blog about At His Command during the month of August, and I'll be thanking them by linking to their posts. Here are some snippets from the first three reviews:

Sheri Boeyink wrote, "I was drawn in by the depth of the characters. I felt an instant connection to them. My heart swelled and ached as the story developed. The descriptive writing and creative twists kept me hooked page after page."

Carol A. Spradling wrote, "This book is filled with faith-encouraging scenes that aren't at all preachy. The characters handle adversity with very human responses while relying on Godly wisdom and intervention. AT HIS COMMAND is a must read for anyone who has hungered for an opportunity to peek into other people's lives and see how it is possible to rally when your plans are shattered."

Chad of Musings from the Desert had me wondering when he posted a comment here at NRJW saying he hoped his review hadn't been "too harsh." I took a deep breath and clicked over to his blog only to find that Chad is a bona-fide rascal; he had nothing but nice comments about the book. He kicked off his review with this: "I had some concern before reading this book. First of all, I don’t read very many romance novels, so I don’t know the genre very well.... What I should have been concerned with was sleep…since I didn’t start reading the book until 7 o’clock at night and couldn’t put the darn thing down!"

Note to reviewing bloggers: If you want me to link to your post, please shoot me an e-mail and make sure I see your review.

I'd also like to say a public thank-you to everyone who has linked to to my book trailer. I'm especially grateful to these nice people who have embedded the video on their blogs: Cheryl St. John, Jennifer Shirk, and Mrs.Skeet. (If you have embedded the video on your blog, send me a link so I can thank you here.)


Unknown said...

Guilty as changed. I'm so happy for you that so many other people are enjoying your book.

Anonymous said...


I emailed you too, but I just wanted to publicly post that, as an Army wife, I truly enjoyed your new book! And being stationed at Fort Hood, I felt that your portrayal of the area here was very accurate! I even suspect I might could guess which towns you visited! haha And your book had me in tears more than once. You did a great job, and I truly enjoyed your book. (I got it off Paperbackswap, but I'm afraid everyone else will have to buy their own copy, because I intend to keep it and reread it a few times! haha)

Love your work. Thanks for your commitment to producing a well-researched, engrossing book that serves as a good reminder that there ARE believers in the military, and their struggles and joys.

Brenda Coulter said...

Thank you, Chad.

And you, too, Laurel, both for the comments here and for that sweet e-mail you sent (which I answered just now).