Friday, February 10, 2006

Appreciating my blogger buds, Post #3

As promised, during the month of February I'll be publicly thanking each of the bloggers who is participating in my Free Books for Bloggers experiment. When any of those bloggers shoots me an e-mail to tell me they've posted, I'll give up some linky love.

I'm grateful to Christian novelist Lena Nelson Dooley, who has posted an interview with me and will be giving away a copy of A Family Forever at her blog, A Christian Writer's World. Sorry about that "animal" question, Lena. You really stumped me there!

And my book has been reviewed over at Novel Reviews. Thank you, Ane Mulligan!

Park Ave Pirate Jen has also reviewed my book today. Thank you, Jen. You're wrong about strawberry ice cream and the designated hitter, but you sound pretty cool, otherwise.

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