Saturday, February 26, 2005

Seeing double

I've taken some flak for using a Blogger template instead of an original design for this site. "Your blog looks just like so-and-so's," people have said.

Tough. I like the green, gardeny template, and I'm trying to keep this blog as simple as possible because I already have a monster website where I've been "creative". This blog is about the daily posts, not winning design awards.

But if you're publishing a book, you might want to think twice about using a stock photograph on your cover. Here's why:

After "I Believe": Experiencing Authentic Christian Living, by Mark D. Roberts (Baker Books, 2002.)

The Limits of Enchantment, a novel by Graham Joyce (Atria, 2005.)


Thanks to the ever-alert Joe Carter over at The Evangelical Outpost for pointing this out.

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Anonymous said...

It's your content that counts :)