Friday, August 24, 2012

Need a grin? Read P.G. Wodehouse

I've been a huge Wodehouse fan (say: "WOODhouse") for at least a couple of decades. Today I'm rereading A Damsel in Distress, and I just came across a delicious bit that made me drop the book and run to my computer to share.

Here we're looking in on George Bevin, who's feeling depressed. Even the weather is against him:

The sun had gone in for the time being, and the east wind was frolicking round him like a playful puppy, patting him with a cold paw, nuzzling his ankles, bounding away and bounding back again, and behaving generally as east winds do when they discover a victim who has come out without his spring overcoat. It was plain to George now that the sun and the wind were a couple of confidence tricksters working together as a team. The sun had disarmed him with specious promises and an air of cheery goodfellowship, and had delivered him into the hands of the wind, which was now going through him with the swift thoroughness of the professional hold-up artist.

I've felt winds just like that; haven't you? What a juicy bit of writing!


Pilgrim said...

Alan Jacobs, a writer I respect, is a fan of Wodehouse, too. The good news--he's cheap/free on the Kindle. :-)

Wade Venden said...

Wow - that is juicy writing. I'm not familiar with Wodehouse, but thanks for introducing him... after that example I'm going over to amazon right away!