Sunday, July 15, 2012

A fun new inspirational romance novel

I still haven't decided whether to return to blogging on a regular basis, but I wanted to leave an announcement here for you nice folks who are still subscribed to this RSS feed.

I've recently published my fifth novel, another inspirational romance, in e-book format. (Those of you who don't own an e-reader like a Nook or a Kindle, are you aware that you can read e-books on your iPhone or even on your computer? If you have questions about that, please leave a comment here.)

Her Minnesota Man is similar in style and tone to my four Love Inspired novels, but it's more than one-third longer, which I hope will satisfy everyone who has expressed the desire to see me write longer books. Like my other novels, this one will make you laugh and cry, and it might even make you think a little. It's getting fantastic reviews at Amazon and elsewhere.

You can read the entire first chapter right now, at my website or at Amazon. For an even longer sample, go to Smashwords, where you can download a whopping 20% of the book in the format of your choice for free.

If you don't find Her Minnesota Man in your favorite e-book store, please check back in a few days. At this writing, it's not yet listed at Barnes and Noble, Sony, or Kobo, although the files were "shipped" more than two weeks ago. It is available at Apple's iBookstore and at Diesel--and at Amazon, of course. [UPDATE, July 18: It's in Barnes & Noble's Nook Store now.]

Those of you who have enjoyed my other books should like this one a lot. It might even become your new favorite, as it has become mine, so please take a look. And would you also consider telling your friends on Twitter and Facebook about it? I'd be incredibly grateful.

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