Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Road Trip

We just got back from a quick car trip to Minnesota, where we attended a family reunion with our eldest son. Here's a video that might amuse some of you:


Chad Aaron Sayban said...

A very cool video. Well done!

Brittanie said...

I agree very cool and interesting. :)

Brenda Coulter said...

Thanks, Chad and Brittanie. As you can probably tell, I had fun putting the pictures together.

Windows Movie Maker is the handiest tool. Short learning curve. Lots of fun. A lot of people don't even realize it comes with Windows.

Julana said...

We went to northern MN a few years ago. Wisconsin and MN are beautiful states. Chicago is a great city.

Sydney said...

Off topic but when will you have a new book out?
What are you writing about now? :-)

Gloria said...

I was delighted with your video. It was a charmer. I loved the photos, the writing and the humor.

I found your site through Romancing the Blog.

I have a website and a few blogs as well.

I am a writer as well, but not romance. I'm tending towards science fiction/fantasy right now, but I guess that could be romance as well.