Thursday, August 14, 2008

More bloggy gratitude

Forty people have agreed to blog about At His Command during the month of August, and I'm thanking them by linking to their posts. Here are some snippets from the latest batch (click on the links to read the reviews in their entirety):

Romance author Debra Ullrick says: "One of the things I love about At His Command is how much Brenda honored the heroes who are fighting for our country. Not just the men and women in battle, but the nurses and medical people too. To “see” what our soldiers go through—the guilt they endure when they survive and others around them do not....

"Another thing I love about this book is Brenda’s expertise in capturing the male point of view. I got to experience how a “real” man thinks and feels. Not just the way we writers want them to. And let me tell you…Jake Hopkins, whooo weeeee, he’s all male. A real hotty to be sure."

Angela Breidenbach writes, "I have to tell you that the beginning had me giggling. Brenda sure can carry a male character's point of view! Not only that, Jake Hopkins may have a bum leg, but he totally has a hero's heart right from the start. Brenda has me in stitches over the little things that happen to this vulnerable, masculine fellow."

Lisa Jordan says, "I really enjoyed this book because I married a Marine nineteen years ago and adore military romances. Our service men and women deserve our daily prayers and gratitude as they preserve our freedoms. Jake’s emotional wounds and anger at God are realistic. Maddie’s cheerfulness came with a personal burden and price. Brenda did her research and depicted military base life quite well."

And from Suzanne Schaffer: "At His Command is a lovely novel. I usually wade slowly into romance novels because they sometimes seem like the same story over and over. I was able to dive right into At His Command and I enjoyed every minute of it. I left feeling like Jake and Maddie were friends, real people that I'd love to sit down and connect with."

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Chad Aaron Sayban said...

My wife is reading it right now. I'll have her post a review on her blog when she is done.

Sheri Boeyink said...

Oh yes. I read this and blogged about it earlier this month. It was fantastic. I read it in one day and I'm one to shy away from romances, unless they have a supernatural/paranormal twist involved.

The book was amazing!

Brenda Coulter said...

Thank you, Chad and Sheri! You're both sweethearts.