Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's new in the garden

My hunk o' burnin' love set up this stone fountain two weeks ago. I love its gentle trickling. I was afraid a fountain on the patio might overpower the other sounds I enjoy: the wind whooshing through the treetops, the mellow tones of my hand-tuned wind chimes (which are stirred only by fairly strong breezes, making them an occasional treat and never an annoyance), and especially the gorgeous hymns played every day (for ten minutes at lunchtime and again at dinnertime) on the carillon bells in the tower of the old church two blocks away.

But everything's perfect. The fountain is a wonderful addition to the garden.

We have four varieties of oriental lilies in the front garden, so their bloom times are staggered. We're still waiting for the Casablancas (pure white), but these pretty pink guys are already gone. (I've forgotten the name of this variety. If you know it, please leave a comment.)

We just planted five clumps of Stella de Oro daylilies. And yes, that is their true name--a mixture of Italian and Spanish. "Stella" means "star" in Italian and "de oro" means "of gold" in Spanish. People who call this daylily "Stella d'Oro"--which is actually "star of gold" in Italian--are just plain wrong. Ask Walter Jablonski, the guy who hybridized and named the cultivar. It's Stella de Oro.

This whiskey barrel holds my herb garden, which consists of basil, thyme, parsley, chives, and spearmint. I had a couple of love-in-a-mist plants that didn't fit anywhere else, so I stuck them in the barrel and now they're taking over. They make really interesting flowers and seed pods, though.

Okay, last photo. I took this one several weeks ago, when the peonies were still blooming. We can put a few candles on the tables and be ready to party at a moment's notice.


Chad Aaron Sayban said...

Without any doubt, you have a beautiful garden to be proud of. I love the fountain. You just can't be a romance author without a fountain, right?

Brenda Coulter said...

Right. I have one in the front garden, too. We took half a whiskey barrel and put a pump in it. It looks charming, nestled between three small shrubs and a bunch of ferns, and it makes a pleasant sound. And hummingbirds like to drink from the spray.