Friday, May 30, 2008

Fragrant Friday (in the garden)

This time of year, entering the back yard from the patio means brushing past these wildly fragrant peonies.

These are for my office...or maybe the kitchen table.

Apropos of nothing, the new Counting Crows CD contains some very nice surprises. (They've moved away from the pop tunes of Hard Candy and back to the edgier sounds of Recovering the Satellites.) I just gave it a preliminary listen on my iPod as I watered and deadheaded flowers. The first three songs were so good I hit Replay when each was over. The lyrics are full of pathos, but hey, that's Adam Duritz. The guy's a mess. Besides, I find listening to that kind of stuff very helpful when I'm writing a story about a tortured hero.

Everyone have a great weekend. And wear your bike helmets, okay?


pacatrue said...

Wonderful first shot in particular.

Laurel said...

Brenda - When I picture the perfect place to read and relax, it looks amazingly similar to your lovely back yard. Thank you for reminding me that such places do exist. It gives me hope when I look outside at my dry and barely-green Texas backyard.

Looking forward to reading your Army novel,


Shelley said...

A beautiful garden. My mom has some peonies at the front of her house...3 different bushes and they are so pretty. She has white, a light pink and some the shade of yours.

Brenda Coulter said...

Thanks, all.

Shelley, we had a hard rain last night and the peonies are all ruined. Oh, well. They were pretty while they lasted.

Laurel, thanks for your interest in my book. In a few weeks I'll be telling you a little more about it and posting a long excerpt. Stay tuned....