Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Why I am not writing today

It's a little chilly outside, so my office windows are closed and I've been missing the sweet, delicate fragrance of the blossoms on the viburnums that surround our patio.

This is the view from my home office. (We're looking through some not-sparkling glass and a screen.) The blue blur in the center window pane is an original sculpture made from Swarovski crystals that throws charming little rainbows against my office walls when the sun's out.

The rose canes brushing the right side of the window belong to a not-yet-blooming climbing rose ("New Dawn") that I keep forgetting to tie back. Every time the wind blows, I hear a spooky scratching against the window screen.

Not satisfied with that first photo, I went outside to take some more--only to have my camera's battery die after two shots.

Ah, well. Here are some more viburnums. And that's an eastern redbud--an interesting asymmetrical tree--showing off its lavender blooms in the background.

Here are some wonderfully fragrant old-fashioned lilacs. We have white ones, too. We think these bushes were planted when our house was built, more than fifty years ago.

I had planned to write some romance today, but how can I when there are so many exciting things happening in the garden? I think I'll go hunt up my shears and cut some more lilacs.

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Julana said...

I'd be writing romance novels if I lived in your house, and had your garden.