Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ready for the spring thaw

It's currently 20 degrees Fahrenheit where I live, but it's still a beautiful day in the garden. Here's my favorite seat, next to which is a handy table for a flowerpot and my books, sunglasses, and whatever hot or cold beverage fits my mood and the season.

We leave most of our garden furniture out all year, because we use the patio even in cold weather. My chair's due for a fresh coat of paint as soon as the weather warms up. Blue is my favorite color, but as most gardeners know, true blue is a very rare color for flowers. Even the flowers that are called "real" blue always have a lot of purple in them--and I don't like purple. So here's my garden blue.

And here is one of the garden ornaments I forgot to put away last year. With its bits of colored glass, it looks pretty against the snow, so I might think about leaving it out next year, too.

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Julana said...

I saw daffodil and tulip shoots several inches high on Saturday!