Monday, February 25, 2008

The blogger is back

If there's anything duller than a blog post that begins, "I'm sorry I haven't written lately, but..." I sure don't know what it might be. But regular readers of a blog that's gone dark without explanation do wonder why, and they'll often e-mail the blogger to find out if she's sick or dead.

I'm not sick or dead. I've simply been on a writing jag (the project is going very well, thanks), and the internet just hasn't been able, lately, to divert my attention from that. It's not just my own blog that I have abandoned; I haven't been reading any of my old favorites, either.

I began this blog more than three years ago to flex a certain part of my writing muscle, and I want to get back to the regular workouts before that muscle starts getting flabby. So you'll be hearing more from me this week.

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