Monday, December 10, 2007

For a Christmas tea

My collection of English bone china teacups sits on an open shelf in my dining room, so I just finished hand-washing fifteen of them in preparation for a Christmas tea to be held tomorrow at my church. A fellow collector will bring about two dozen of her cups, and we'll place them all on covered round tables with holly centerpieces. Then we'll enjoy dainty tea sandwiches and a nice assortment of other goodies with our Earl Grey tea.

I'm leaving my most treasured cups at home, but, yes, I'm still a little worried about chipping and breakage. On the other hand, what's the use of having pretty cups like these if I'm afraid to share them?

Now I must go and polish my teaspoons....


LaShaunda said...

Your cups are beautiful Brenda. My mother gave me a tea set for my birthday this year. I hosted my first tea, a mother's day tea.

I was thinking about a Christmas tea, but it will be too busy. So I think we'll go for an after new year tea.

Have fun

P.S. Where did you find your cups?

Robin Bayne said...

Pretty cups! I used to collect teapots but they began to take over the house : )

Jennifer Shirk said...

How fun--and beautiful!

We did a tea like that in our church, too. Have fun!

Brenda Coulter said...

Thanks, ladies.

LaShaunda, I picked up most of the cups at antique stores. I have about two dozen, which is more than I'll ever need to use at one time, so I've slowed down on collecting them.

Becky said...

Oh, those are beautiful. I collect bone china, myself. It started when my grandma split her collection between my cousin and me. I've since added to it.

Now I'm hankerin' for a cup of tea and some scones.

Brenda Coulter said...

Becky, check out this page of my website for my scone recipe. I was tremendously flattered when a chef told me it was the best recipe she had ever found for scones!

Julana said...

I enjoy the beauty of your home shared through your blog photos. I only have one tea cup of that quality, and rarely use it. I wonder if I'd write more if I did?

Wish I could have come to your church tea. :-) Wonder which church you attend. Wonder if I could find a tea shop around here? Maybe I'll go down to the outlet mall and buy a few tea cups for my birthday and have a few friends over for tea!

Brenda Coulter said...

What are you saving that cup for, Julana? Use it and enjoy it!

If you e-mail me privately, I'll be happy to tell you about my church. I don't like to put personal information here on the internet.