Monday, November 12, 2007

Sorry, we don't have any of that here

Google and the other search engines send a lot of traffic to my blog, and I'm grateful. But sometimes I look at the search strings and wonder what the SEs were thinking. I mean, take a look at this closeup of my StatCounter page and note some of the strange traffic Google has sent me just today. I especially liked:

7 rules for writing chinese

Trust me, I don't even know one rule for writing Chinese. Sorry, friend, but you've come to the wrong blog.

getting pre-published

Um, that makes about as much sense as getting pre-employed or pre-pregnant. You either are or you aren't, right?

music notes for violin rap

A violin rap? I guess it's really true what they say--nothing is too weird for the internet.

If you're a blogger, why not nip down to the Comments and tell us about the weird search strings you've encountered in your traffic logs.


Nancy the Romancechick said...

From the beginning of Oct. I noticed a major jump in the amount of traffic my blog was getting. My top number of views was 93! Around Oct 25th or so, it dropped to less than ten views a day.

Turns out about 80-90% of the views came from people searching various iterations of Halloween and halloween images!

I didn't even realize I'd written that much about Halloween.

Usually I get several people stopping by because they searched for Padme Amidala (from Star Wars). I made my daughter a dress from Revenge of the Sith for Halloween a couple of years ago, so I guess it all follows!

Beloved says I should start writing about Thanksgiving to get some of that traffic back!

The Goddess said...

I love playing along, but when I went to my server logs, the most exotic search was 'corriedale', which isn't exotic at all when you know that it's a sheep breed and I posted a poem on wool a while back. Oh, and 'hobbit door', because that's what we call our 6 foot hight, 4 foot wide (we didn't build the house) back door.

ForstRose said...

I didn't think I'd seen any bizarre search strings leading to my blog when I first read this entry. Then this morning when I hopped over to my Blog Patrol stats this Google search is there.

"single ladies women in minneapolis USA looking for husband"

OK yes I'm single and female but Minneapolis is certainly not the West Coast and a husband is up to God. I'm too busy with life to be chasing the guys right now anyway.
Besides none of that is in my blog which is lots of book reviews and other book and author related stuff. Go Figure!!!

I also think there are people like me that just throw out a phrase to see whats out there and are not familiar with how the search engines return results so they get a bunch of random stuff.

Gina Burgess said...

You do NaNoWriMo one time and about this time of year Google will send dozens to you for that.

Yahoo sent "What do men noticed first on women bodies, butt, face leggs or hips?" I've never written about that on my blog, so I haven't a clue what that's all about.

Google Images sent "Skinny Dipping Ocracoke" to my blog. Wha---?

That is just since November 1.

Brenda Coulter said...

Once, as a joke, I mentioned Paris Hilton here on the blog and said I'd probably be innundated by traffic from Google.

I was.

Diane said...

I'm a fairly new blogger and have no idea how to find that information. Is it hidden somewhere in our template or settings or something? I'd love to learn this information, even if some of the search strings are weird.


Brenda Coulter said...

Diane, there are a bunch of free services. Try or --both of which I use.