Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What's your dream job?

From today's Guardian Unlimited:

More Britons dream about becoming an author than any other job, according to a new survey.

A YouGov poll has found that almost 10% of Britons aspire to being an author, followed by sports personality, pilot, astronaut and event organiser on the list of most coveted jobs.

More women than men yearn to write, while those aged between 35 and 50, and those over 50 were most likely to dream about getting published. The under-35s were most keen on becoming a sports personality.

First of all...event organizer? Honestly? Sure, that's honorable work, but I had no idea people considered it such a glam job. And I'm assuming that by "sports personality," the Brits mean a popular professional (read: rich) athlete and not one of those play-by-play guys on TV.

Apparently, young British men dream of being Beckham, and middle-aged British women dream of being J.K. Rowling. Are we really surprised?

That "event organiser" thing, though.... That one's got me wondering.


Neal said...

"Event organiser" surprised me too, but let's get things in perspective here: this is the 5th most popular career, of which the most popular only garnered 10% of the vote. So you may only be looking at 2 or 3% of people who want to do this.

But the results don't surprise me.

Brenda Coulter said...

let'sget things in perspective here

[Sigh.] There you go, Neal, being reasonable again....


Becky said...

I suppose for those that want to be event organizers, they figure if you can't BE Beckham, then at least plan the events they'll show up at so that you can 'rub shoulders' with them.

Shauna said...

"Event organiser." Isn't that just a fancier way of saying "party planner?"

Brenda Coulter said...

Beats me.

Janny said...

I can see a simple explanation for the "glam" attachment to "event organizer." They're thinking about THE WEDDING PLANNER and envisioning themselves as JLo...dancing off with a gorgeous hunk at the end of the story!

See? Now doesn't that make more sense?

Making trouble, as usual,