Monday, March 26, 2007

Waking the garden

It's time to begin the spring clean-up in my garden. I've got scads of roses to prune, and there are dead leaves and winter-burned plants everywhere. The daffodils are on their way up, but it'll take at least another week's worth of sunshine to fully awaken them.

I was hungering for some color, some cheery blooms to tempt me out to the garden.So yesterday I potted up this yellow ranunculus, along with a flat of fluttery pansies (pure red, blue, yellow, and cream-colored) and another flat of jazzy primroses...

...and a dragonfly. He'll probably be living in a lush bed of periwinkle (which is just beginning to send out its sweet blue flowers), but I stuck him in this pot long enough to photograph him. I can't wait to see the colored glass catch the light on sunny afternoons.

Here are some of the primroses. As you can see, the euonymous behind it needs cleaning up. But now that I've got some early color in the garden, I'm eager to get out there and get busy.


Marianne McA said...

I realise nobody may ever read this, but I fear the end is coming, so I'm going to scrawl this farewell message in red pencil on the wall. I wandered into this room - must be ten days ago - and I can't find my way out.
I've now eaten both the plants, and spend most of my time lying on the sofa, drawing some solace from a charming picture of two kittens and a tap.
A tap! I know I'd last longer if I could find running water, but despite rumours of bathrooms, I can't find one...

I'd like my last words to say something positive, like congratulations to Brenda on her nomination, but seeing it was she who lured me into this dreadful room, I'm not sure I can be that charitable.

Brenda Coulter said...

Sounds like Marianne is still trying to figure out "Sphere."

Here you go, sweetheart. I just Googled and found a walk-through for the game. Take two hints and call me in the morning.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Pretty pictures!

Makes me want to go out and do a little gardening myself. :)