Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sisterly love

To commemorate my book's making the final rounds in the RITA contest, Romance Writers of America sent me a little pin to wear on my name badge at this summer's conference. My sister sent me something much more fun. If you're feeling nosey, you can click on the picture and read her congratulatory message, which she signed, as always, "Your Favorite Sister." (She happens to be my only sister, but never mind that.) She calls the book, A Family Forever, her book because it was dedicated to her.

She and her husband are coming to visit us on Easter weekend. It'll probably take me until then to clean up the zillions of tiny stars that spilled out of the envelope when I opened this letter, but this is the nicest kind of mess. If every woman could have a sister like mine, the world would be a much nicer place for everybody.

Thank you, Skeezicks.


Shauna said...

Wow! That is so sweet. I don't have a sister...only two brohers. Uh, it's not quite the same. LOL. They have their moments,, seriously they're great, they're just boys. :-)

Anonymous said...'re more than welcome Brennie. I just now saw your post because I am visiting the world's cutest granddaughter and have been pleasantly distracted.

Actually, looking again at my handiwork, it looks rather like that of a pre-teen instead of a mature 49+! But...

I am very proud of you and very happy for you (and looking forward to a celebration soon!)