Saturday, November 11, 2006

Three things and then ta-ta

Somehow I neglected to update my post on O. J. Simpson's alleged $3.5 million book deal. Until now.

I recently updated the link list in my sidebar. With very few exceptions (having to do with objectionable content), anybody who posts a permanent (sidebar) link to this blog can expect a reciprocal link in addition to my gratitude. I discover most of my inbound links on Technorati, but I may have missed a couple. So if you're linking here and I haven't listed your blog, please let me know.

Do you read a lot of blogs? If so, you'll save a considerable amount of "click-and-wait" time by using an RSS feed reader. It's a wonderful convenience that lets you see at a glance which of your favorite blogs have been updated recently. The reader I use every day is Bloglines. It's free, and it's quick and easy to set up, so check it out. (And when you start adding blogs to your reading list, don't forget NRJW.)

That wraps up another week for this blogger. See you all on Monday.


Carolanne said...

I've joined Technorati - but still figuring out why so I'll leave bloglines to another day when I have time to play.
I do enjoy visiting and reading your blog.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I use Blogarithm they send me an email with the updates every morning...But I guess there's a lot of services out there that do a good job of compiling our infromation!

IMAutoPilot said...

Actually I check out blogs through my Google alerts. I am interested in article submission services so I just set that up in Google alerts and it automatically pings me every day.

Brenda Coulter said...

Thanks, Carolanne.

Yes, Bonnie and Pilot, there are myriad services for keeping up with blogs and the topics that interest us, but a lot of people are still new to blog-reading, so I thought I'd mention one of the most basic and popular RSS readers. Hope it helps somebody.