Thursday, September 07, 2006

Want me to visit your blog?

I'm spending the week in Washington, D.C., so I'm not doing any intensive blogging. That is to say, I'm not combing other blogs and publishing-news sites for interesting tidbits to present here. I'm just tossing out a few random thoughts.

Oh, look. Here comes a random thought now:

In the past two days, two people have left messages in the post comments and five people have e-mailed asking me to check out their blogs. Dear friends, please understand that even when I am at home, I just don't have time to do that for everyone who asks. On a normal blogging day I am already skimming over fifty blogs and news sites (no, I'm not kidding) for stuff to write about here. But you can "trick" me into visiting your blog, and the way to do that is by linking to mine. You see, if you'll read my linking policy over there in the sidebar, you'll find that I've all but promised reciprocal links to any blogger who puts up a permanent (sidebar) link to my place. So partly for safety's sake and partly out of sheer curiosity, I check out every blog that links here.

If you like, you can e-mail to tell me you're linking. But even if you don't do that, I'll see your link on Technorati, probably within 48 hours of your putting it up. And yes, I will click over to your blog.

My hunk o' burnin' love was free yesterday, so I blew off work and we spent the morning at the National Gallery of Art. Then after popping over to a favorite haunt in Old Town Alexandria for lunch, we indulged my guy's James Bond fantasies by visiting the International Spy Museum.

Washington has the largest spy population of any city in the world, so halfway through our tour I caught myself wondering how many spies visit the museum pretending to be tourists. I mean, can't you see them doing that for kicks?

In keeping with the random tone of this post, I will now offer my first-ever (noncomprehensive) car review:

We're renting a black Volvo station wagon. It's a pretty thing, but short on leg room, at least in the front passenger seat. Yes, I fiddled with all of the buttons, but I still keep knocking my left knee against the GPS thingie. Bad design.

But enough about cars. Those of you who like Counting Crows should know that their best album ever is the recently-released New Amsterdam. Although it just came out this summer, it was recorded back in 2003, while the Crows were touring to promote the Hard Candy CD. I really dig this live stuff--they're so tight in concert. Right now I'm headphoned to my laptop, tapping my foot to "Rain King." (Best song on this album? The bluesy "Good Time." Listen to it and tell me I'm wrong. I dare ya.)

My architect-husband spends a good chunk of his time at zoning-board meetings, and he has one tonight here in D.C. I've never been to one (he says I'm not missing anything), but I'm going tonight because we've been invited to dinner immediately afterward. Yeah, I'm a sucker for a fine meal. Just ask Sergio, who fed me very well on Tuesday evening.

And now I'd better go back to work for a while. Take care, everyone.

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Bonnie Calhoun said...

Well at least you got away from home for a while...A new environment should start the creative juices about a spy romance novel?

A.Roberson said...

My blog is just as random as yours! I think you should check it out, especially my recent posts (5-days old) about the BIG Starbucks Mess up....considering that your profile shows how much you appreciate them ;-)

GeorgianaD said...

50 blogs?! Good gravy, don't your eyes hurt? Sheesh. Don't know how you keep up! Have fun in D.C.

Laura Vivanco said...

Happy eating! And hope the work goes well too.

jel said...

Gald the 2 of you had a good time out ,

oh how is that sister of yours doing? and how are one and two doing ? have a great weekend! :)

oh pleaseeeeeeeee please come over for a visit ! :)

sorry could not help myself there!

Jennette said...

You linked to me and I didn't even know. Thanks!

Carolyne said...

So. Here's my trick! I did link to you and now I'm leaving a comment on your blog. And one of these day's I'll figure out how to add a picture AND a link. Enjoy D.C. and if you're ever in my neck of the woods, come on down.


Brenda Coulter said...

Naw, Bonnie, spy novels just don't do it for me.

Nice try, Question Man, but I don't have time this morning. Have to admit, though, that I'm intrigued by your name and have just spent a moment wondering whether you're asking questions or answering them.

Georgiana, I don't actually read that many blogs every day. I usually just skim the headlines and then read what looks interesting. But yes, it does take a lot of time.

Laura, the work hit a couple of snags, but the eating went extremely well, thanks.

Janice, thanks for asking about my sister. I'm planning to call her today and see what she's been up to.

Jennette, it was my pleasure. Thanks for linking here.

Ladies and gentlemen, my good pal and fellow LI author Carolyne Aarsen has lost her head and started blogging. I'm a little pressed for time today, so I'd consider it a personal favor if some of you would click over there and heckle her for me.