Friday, September 01, 2006

Bermuda, Bahama...

Off the Florida keys, there's a place called Kokomo....

That old Beach Boys song's been running through my head for the past week, even though the Kokomo I'm making plans to visit is the one in Indiana. But maybe I should start at the beginning.

It's never been my ambition to be a star author. I've never called my readers "fans", and with two books out, I've done only three booksignings--two for charity (the RWA "Literacy for Life" autographings) and one when my publisher promoted my first book by giving away copies at a convention for Christian booksellers (I signed almost 250 books in just over one hour). But in the spirit of trying new things, I recently arranged a short detour from my upcoming research trip to Minnesota (more about that in a later post) to stop by Bob's Books in Kokomo, Indiana to help celebrate the grand opening of their Harlequin Room on Saturday, October 21.

I've never had any desire to do a signing in a bookstore. I'm not a shy person by any stretch, but I get all squirmy at the thought of sitting behind a table beaming I'm-an-author-come-worship-me smiles at the customers. The event at Bob's Books interested me because it won't be all about me; there will be a bunch of Harlequin authors mingling and browsing, which should make for a great party. And I'm eager to help promote any bookstore that's so doggone romance-friendly it dedicates an entire room to Harlequin books.

If any of you live near Kokomo, I'd love to meet you on October 21. I'll post a reminder and all the details a week or so before that date.

In the meantime, I think I'll switch on my iPod and listen to the Beach Boys.

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Anonymous said...

"...That's where I wanna go, to get away from it all..."

Yup, that song sure sticks. It's off the muppets "Frog Prince" and as my children seem to have chosen that as a favorite movie, I have seen and heard the muppet version of that song quite a few times! :-)

It doesn't sound like you're "getting away from it all", but a bookstore that has a whole room for romance! And Harlequin romance, to boot! I sure wish I could see that, but sadly it's not to be. So enjoy it! Maybe you could post some pictures of the signing here on your blog. Give the rest of us all a little taste of heaven! LOL!


jel said...

just popping in here to say Have a great weekend! :)

and thanks I will be humming that tune all day now!!! :)

Brenda Coulter said...

It's not a signing, Shauna. Not in the traditional sense, although I will certainly sign my books that are on the shelves and the ones that will be given away, and I may be asked to personalize a book or two for customers. The event will be an open house, with food and prizes, and several Harlequin authors stopping by. That was the attraction for me.

Yes, I'll probably take pictures.

Janice, you have a good weekend, too.

Danica/Dream said...

Um, a Harlequin room? I must go there. :)

Brenda Coulter said...

Yes, everyone must. ;-)

I'll post details about the store later.

Cathy West said...

Aw, I thought you were coming to Bermuda!
Maybe next time??

Brenda Coulter said...

Oh, don't I wish!