Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Quotable bloggers

I wasn't in the mood to blog this morning, so I made a pot of Darjeeling tea and slathered Seville orange marmalade on some whole-wheat toast and sat down to read some other authors' blogs. This first quote made me laugh and drop marmalade on my spacebar, and the second made me take too big a swallow of scalding tea:

"...this isn't a rant. It's an observation. A few days ago it might have been a rant. But I never post rants.I simply wait until my Irish crawls back into its shell, and then I post an observation."

So says author B.J. Hoff, whose brilliance and sense of humor remain undiminished even though she reads my blog. Check out her post about writing-contest judges who go public with their likes and dislikes about the entries they've rated.

And here's a giggle courtesy of The Charis Connection's Angela Hunt, who blogged today about interior monologue in novels:

"Italics are like roaches--too many are downright annoying. (This from a Floridian who has come to accept them as a fact of life. Roaches--not italics.)"

I'm right there with you on the italics thing, Angela, but I just have to wonder, since "too many" roaches clearly annoy you, is there a number you can comfortably tolerate?

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Bonnie Calhoun said...

Yes, I can imagine those quotes would make me spit tes, marmalade...and about any other thing I was consuming...LOL!

Angela said...

Hi, Brenda!

Actually, I can tolerate any number of DEAD roaches . . . I usually see at least one or two a week. But the live ones make me squeal!

I have a heard time believing that we're going to find them cute in heaven . . .


Brenda Coulter said...

Now, wait just a minute, Angie. Where in the Bible did you read that we'll find roaches "cute" in heaven?

Angela said...

Not in the Bible, Brenda, but I was talking to my pal Randy Alcorn, who wrote the book HEAVEN. Randy believes(and I'm paraphrasing), that when we are living in the new heaven and new earth, we'll still have a complete animal kingdom, but all our natural revulsion will be gone. So--my interpretation is cute roaches, adorable spiders, useful snakes, etc.

Won't that be a kick?


Brenda Coulter said...

Funny that you should mention spiders. I had one on my face yesterday. I thought it was a wisp of hair brushing my cheek, so I swiped at it with the back of my hand. A few seconds later, it tickled the corner of my mouth. When I brushed it away a second time, a smallish Grandaddy Long Legs fell onto my desk.

I was startled but not horrified, because Grandaddys are good spiders. But if it had been just about any other kind of spider, you'd have heard me squeal!