Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fun and games...and cool prizes from BAFAB

Not the sort of thing I usually do on my blog, but I like to keep you people guessing:

Welcome to Day 6 of

Buy a Friend a Book's
First Anniversary Contest!

Buy a Friend a Book -- the site that urges visitors to surprise their friends with the gift of books during four quarterly BAFAB weeks a year -- is throwing a week-long puzzle contest to celebrate the site's first anniversary. Every day from July 1st to July 6th a new puzzle will be unveiled at one of the literary sites helping out with BAFAB's First Anniversary Contest. No Rules. Just Write is your co-host for the sixth day of the puzzle. Contest participants will be asked to solve six puzzles during the course of the week and to answer a final question on the contest's seventh day.

Three winners will be drawn at random from all the correct responses received. The winners will win hundreds of dollars worth of literary stuff--stacks of books and free memberships in LibraryThing and even a text editor. See the complete prize list here and the official rules here.

If you're discovering this contest a little late in the week, don't worry. After they are initially announced, all six puzzles will remain available for the duration of the contest. Thus contestants who learn of the puzzle later in the week will not be barred from participating.

Here's the complete schedule of events:

July 1 -- Puzzle #1 introduced at Grumpy Old Bookman
July 2 -- Puzzle #2 introduced at Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind
July 3 -- Puzzle #3 introduced at This Writing Life
July 4 -- Puzzle #4 introduced at Books, Inq.
July 5 -- Puzzle #5 introduced at Refrigerator Door
July 6 -- Puzzle #6 introduced at No Rules. Just Write.
July 7 -- Final question posed at Buy a Friend a Book

Today your task is to play hangman.

It's simple! Go to Buy a Friend a Book. Play for a while. Play multiple games. Jot down your results. But DON'T LOSE THEM! You'll need your answers to enter the BAFAB Contest's final stage on July 7th. Have fun!

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Bonnie Calhoun said...

Went there. It says, "What to do? Go to No Rules. Just Write for complete instructions."

LOL..So Okay...this may sound strange, but I've never played Hangman...What do I do? It says you got the instructions!

Brenda Coulter said...

It's at the bottom of the post, Bonnie. Click on the link that says, "Go to Buy A Friend A Book. Play for a while." I agree that it could be a little clearer, but Debra wrote the post and I didn't want to edit it and mess with her system.

Debra Hamel said...

You've never played hangman?! Basically you just try to guess the word by guessing letters within a given number of tries. You can do this repeatedly at the site; there's no penalty or anything for wrong attempts. Eventually you'll get the word. And then play again, because there are a number of possible words to be guessed.

Brenda Coulter said...

Thanks, Debra. I'll just add that anybody who has ever watched the game show "Wheel of Fortune" knows how to play hangman.

I think there's been a little confusion because people visiting the BAFAB blog were directed here and are being sent back to BAFAB. But the puzzle page is hidden, friends, get it? This is the secret doorway you have to go through to find it. So, yes, even if you've just come from the BAFAB blog, click on the link and go back there, to that special page, where you can play hangman.

Have fun!

Debra Hamel said...

Thanks, Brenda! That's a good way to put it. Thing is, your day was different from the others', because with the earlier puzzles my co-hosts had to post a part of the puzzle. In your case we couldn't do that because of the nature of the hangman game, so you were just, as you say, the secret doorway.