Thursday, July 13, 2006

The best blog ever

Looking over the referrer logs for my blog the other day, I noticed that of the 100 most recent visitors, nine had clicked over from Google after entering the search term "questionable content." I ran over and looked and sure enough, the fourth result returned for the string "questionable content" (with or without the quotes--sometimes it does make a difference) was one of my recent posts.

Hmm. Was Google judging my blog's content? After a little nosing around I learned that "Questionable Content" is the name of an online comic strip. I happened to use those words in a recent post, and that's why Google listed me in the search results. Feeling somewhat less persecuted, I returned to my perusal of the referrer logs and found that somebody had just clicked over from Google after searching for "horrible websites." [Sigh.]

C'mon, Google. This isn't really such a bad blog, all things considered. I've seen a lot worse, believe me. And while this may not be the best blog ever, I'm going to post those words--THE BEST BLOG EVER--and see if I can attract some search traffic for that.

Best blog ever. Best blog ever.

That ought to do it. I feel better already.

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Domino said...

This is a great blog! Just don't google "bad writing" because you might see your Wednesday post title come up. Not that it was bad writing, of course. ;D

This is a great blog!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Domino, you have a great blog! I LOVE it!

your sister in Christ,


luckyme said...

You do have a great blog! Now if you want to see a bad blog I'll post mine. lol

Brenda Coulter said...

Just don't google "bad writing" because you might see your Wednesday post title come up.

You're right, Domino. I'll try not to be hurt when those people start clicking over here.

Thanks for the warm fuzzies, friends.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Auh, Brenda, I think your blog is great. I come by every day!

LOL...I too, was going to mention the 'bad writing' post...LOL

Anonymous said...

Love your books, love your website, love your blog. And if you publish a cookbook I'll buy that too. Even though I hate cooking. What can I say? I just plain like your writing. Oh, and of course I visit your blog every day. Duh!

:-) Shauna

mercurial scribe said...

That just made me laugh after a very frustrating night.

It's incredulous how sites are logged and found on Google. It's a book in itself.

Brenda Coulter said...

Scribe, you may be interested to know that last night someone clicked over to this post after searching for top blogs at blogspot. So it has begun already.

Shauna, sweetheart, even my sister doesn't gush quite that much. You don't want to give me a big head, do you?

Anonymous said...

They may all love your writing and wit, but I love you.

And it is a spectacular blog, amazing blog, top-ranked blog, and so on....


Brenda Coulter said...

Okay, maybe I underrated my sister's ability to gush....

Audra said...

LOL...I don't think I'll check out how my blog is found. Thanks for the chuckle and no worries, you have a terrific blog. :)

Brenda Coulter said...

Thanks, Audra.

My referrer logs have given me endless hours of entertainment.