Friday, June 02, 2006

Excuse for not blogging #214

I've decided to start my weekend early. See you on Monday. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this garden photo. It didn't make the cut last time.


Julana said...

I appreciate your sharing that.

Anonymous said...

Have a greeeeeeaaaaaaaat weekend!!!


Cathy West said...

You need to stop posting these garden photos.
I am growing extremely jealous....
The sun is getting hotter by the day here, soon everything I have planted will be reduced to a shriveled mass of brown. Except the roses. Somehow they manage to survive summer. But I will soon fly the coop to my place on the lake, where my lavender actually grows and hydrangeas can survive!!

Domino said...

I loved all your garden photos. Beautiful!

My husband does the gardening around our place. When I used to work at a law firm and I didn't get a bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day (like many others did), I simply smiled and admitted that I get roses most of the year. He's planted them for me in my own yard.

Looks like you, too, get homegrown Just Because bouquets.

I've got to come here more often. Lots more often!

Laura Domino

Domino said...

Ha! I did it! I linked your to blog on mine. Now I can check to see what's up over here any time I finish posting. Or, (it's dawning on me now) I could bookmark it. =D

Oh, well. Having your name on my blog sidebar gives it (gives my blog sidebar) a little prestige. Right?

Meg said...

I've really enjoyed your garden photos, Brenda. It looks like a lovely spot that gets a whole lot more care than my garden does!

Brenda Coulter said...

Having your name on my blog sidebar gives it...a little prestige. Right?

It does, indeed, Lauren. All the cool kids link here.

Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments.