Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Oh, yeah? Well, reject THIS!

Here, fiction writers, is a bit of inspiration for you. A friend just pointed me to this short video in which an author rejects a rejection letter--and then moves on to start another novel. (If you're like me and listen to music when you're online, you'll want to turn it off for this.)

And speaking of scary books, here's part of an e-mail I received last night from author Christopher Well:

I am hoping you could do me a favor on Friday: Several blogs, websites and MySpace pages all over are joining together to post the first chapter of my new novel, DELIVER US FROM EVELYN. (See a sample entry at

I already have about 30 commitments at this point; it would be REALLY helpful if I could make it to 40 ... and I am hoping you can help me get there.

Promoting individual books (besides mine, of course) isn't what this blog is about. But Chris is a stand-up guy, and although he's far too much a gentleman to remind me, I owe him a favor. And it is a nifty promotional idea, don't you think? So I asked if I might share his request here.

If you're interested in participating, contact Chris through his blog or e-mail me for his address.


Mirtika said...

I'm one of the 30 he mentioned. I really enjoyed DUFE. I like his snappy, page-turning style.


Kate S. said...

Thanks for the video link. Very entertaining!

Bonnie Calhoun said... Mirtika...I'm already one of the thirty mentioned. DUFE was a great read!

Brenda Coulter said...

And Deliver us from Evelyn is a fantastic title, don't you think?

Kate, you're very welcome. Thanks for stopping by.