Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My place in the blogosphere

Bless his heart, The Grumpy Old Bookman has mentioned my blog again. Welcome to everyone who is clicking over here from his place. I'm afraid you'll find this blog a bit of a letdown after reading GOB, which The Guardian has rightly called one of the top ten litblogs, but I do offer something the otherwise excellent Michael Allen doesn't, and that's the occasional photograph. For example:

About Last Night's Terry Teachout calls me a litblogger, but he's just being polite. The stark truth is that I'm not clever enough to blog with any authority about Important Authors and Serious Fiction, so I mostly just make fun of them. But I believe I'm providing a valuable service to litblog readers. Many of them have bookmarked my place, and they stop by occasionally, squeezing me in between visits to Beatrice and Mark Sarvas, perhaps, just to cleanse their palates, rather like they'd spoon up an unremarkable lemon sorbet between the courses of a fine dinner.

I am extremely cool with that. Thanks for stopping by, and please come again.


Neal said...

Brenda, thanks for the link to the Grumply Old Bookman, who you have mentioned before but I've never bothered to click through. I'm glad I did today.

I also ended up reading GOB's initial mention of your own dear blog back from last year, and it reminded me (once again) of why I enjoy "No Rules. Just Write." so much. You provide me with insight and laughs in equal measure (not to mention a healthy amount of traffic to Mr. P.). For all of which, I thank you.

Joy said...

Terry Teachout is one of the best bloggers around. If he gave you props, that means a lot.

Julana said...

And Brenda, for some of us, you are one of the courses of the dinner.

Brenda Coulter said... are one of the courses of the dinner.

Um...thank you, Julana. I think. ;-)

And thanks to you, Neal. Your participation here in the Comments is always very much appreciated. (Loved the Einstein link.)

Joy, you can't have been reading this blog for long if you haven't yet seen me gush about Terry Teachout. He's my blogging idol, so I just about fainted the first time he quoted me and linked over here. My sister worries that I'm going to creep the guy out, but I believe he has developed an amused tolerance for my unabashed admiration. ;-)