Thursday, March 16, 2006

Are you shopping a book?

I just came across an interesting offer posted on Tuesday by Lynne W. Scanlon, The Publishing Contrarian. I'd like to thank the normally infallible Ron Hogan of GalleyCat for providing the link, but I can't because he forgot to include the link when he blogged about this. (SxSW is over, dude--get your mind back on your job!) Good thing I speak Google. Here's the juicy stuff from Ms. Scanlon:

If you’ve got a covering letter, marketing plan and about thirty sample pages, I’d be happy to take a look at them. Free? Absolutely! Let’s see what you have been sending out to prospective agents and publishers. Let’s see what you’ve been doing right and what you have been doing wrong....

I’ll tackle about twenty submissions.
Don’t worry, my lips will be sealed. What I might do is recap the good and the bad associated with these submissions, but in general terms, in a posting here later. What I will do, I promise, is get back to you with some suggestions, privately.
Although she posted the offer on Tuesday afternoon, as of sevenish last night Ms. Scanlon had received only five responses, so I'm guessing there's still time to get in on this. But even if you eager authors (fiction and nonfiction) can't pull your marketing plans together and zap them to her today, you might want to bookmark the blog and see if you can pick up some good tips when she reports on the entries.


Cathy West said...

Ineresting. I will have to check that out.
Came by your blog through Camy's site...nice to meet you! I also write inspirational romance.
I love it.

Lynne W. Scanlon said...

Brenda, thanks for dropping by my blog and referring writers over to it! That's so nice of you!

Submissions for review are trickling in. I think everyone is scrambling to come up with the marketing plan part. That's hard work for sure.

I've been amazed at the quality of the story samples that have come in. Really.

See you at Starbuck's! Tall latte to go, please.

Brenda Coulter said...

Lynne, it was my pleasure. Thanks for popping over to say hello.

Cathy, welcome to No rules. I'm grateful to sweet Camy for sending you over, and I hope you'll stick around.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I saw that same link over at Books Inq....I have enough trouble with a synopsis, let alone a marketing plan...besides I'm not done editing. No sense sending something not completely cooked....I hate runny eggs!