Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Appreciating my blogger buds, Post #4

As promised, during the month of February I'll be publicly thanking each of the bloggers who is participating in my Free Books for Bloggers experiment. When any of those bloggers shoots me an e-mail to tell me they've posted, I'll give up some linky love.

The very classy LaShaunda Hoffman has posted an interview with me over at See You On The Net. Thanks, LaShaunda!

Via Technorati, I just found a review of A Family Forever at Comments & Thoughts. This reader doesn't appear to care for the book, although she seems to have liked my first one quite a lot. I can live with that, and am grateful for the mention and the links. I didn't see the blogger's name anywhere on the page, but the timing of her post and the links she's included (to my blog, my website, and my book's page at Amazon) indicate she's one of the people who promised to blog in exchange for a book. She did that, and so she has my thanks.

12:31 p.m.

I'm also grateful to Connie at Once Upon a Romance for posting an in-depth (and wildly complimentary) review.

And thanks a zillion to my new friend Em, who crushes on Tucker Carlson and whom Don Imus has called "hot" (she works at MSNBC). Em's post is wicked funny ("The plot was a little too jam-packed, and the book lacked the euphemisms for the male reproductive organ that usually make romance novels worthwhile...") Don't miss it.


Nienke said...

I didn't get the impression that she didn't care for the book. But you're right, she LOVED the first one. Guess what I'm reading next?

Em said...

I blogged you on Valentine's Day...as promised. I tried to shoot you an E-mail, but it was rejected. So here's the link: http://www.xanga.com/peachjolyranchr/442228106/item.html.

Have a happy Valentine's Day!

Brenda Coulter said...

Sorry you had trouble, Em. I've updated this post just now to add your link. Thanks again.

I don't know, Nienke. The other blogger just sounded a little lukewarm. When I read, "Her first book (not the one reviewed above)...was riveting, jolting, and downright wonderful" I mentally inserted, "Unlike this second book, which sucked eggs."

Em said...

Ah!!! That's so sweet! I'm going to blog that you blogged my blog....

Animom "Chris" said...

I DID like the second book, very much. Fiction that reveals inner struggles and personal growth are wonderful reads. There should be a different name for Christian romance... it's MORE than romance; it's more than Christian. It's about life.

Also, I felt like a priviledged person to have the chance to review the new book. (And I loved the purple pen!) So thank you very much, Brenda.

I will be anxious to see what other stories come from your pen.

Brenda Coulter said...

Hello, Chris. I apologize for reading you wrong. And thanks for speaking up. I was straining my brain trying to figure out who you could be, but I've placed you now.

I'm glad you didn't think my book sucked eggs. ;-)

Also, I think the term "inspirational romance" is pretty descriptive. Don't you?