Saturday, January 28, 2006

Worth waiting for? My first post on James Frey

I give up. I am the only blogger in the 'sphere who hasn't yet mentioned the James Frey Incident at least once. Okay, okay. Here, in a nutshell (which is to say, an excruciatingly bad, one might even say Vogonesque, poem), is my take on the scandal:

James Frey
told some lies,
becoming a hero
in Oprah's eyes.

The Smoking Gun
had some fun,
curtailing Jim's moment
in the sun.

King Larry said,
"Off with his head!"
O. stood by her man,
but we wanted him dead.

Oprah reversed.
Her hero, she cursed.
"You betrayed me!" she cried,
as her ego she nursed.

Now Jim's a joke,
but he'll never be broke.
All because the big O.
bought a pig in a poke.


Anonymous said...

What a good poem, says I! :)
I wonder how many he would have sold, if he had not been found out?
have a great weekend :)

Mirtika said...

Does that mean now *I* am the only blogger not to write on the guy?

Love the verse recap. Send it to Oprah. Snarf.

Actually, I wonder if his publisher can sue for advance/etc on the basis of fraud.

Me, I'd love to see hordes of readers demanding a refund and him having to pay it back. Call me vindictive.

I own three books by the guys. Non-fiction. Writing references. The first one was very good. The second okay. The third sucked. That covers my lifetime need to support Mr. Frey's lifestyle.


Sharon Cullars said...

Very, very cute. And oh so true. Oprah needs to stick with fiction.

eileen said...

So true and great poetry!

Dennie McDonald said...

perfectly accurate and well done!

rasama said...

great poem!
James Frey
he fueled his addiction.
he fueled his readers
with untruths...
he is an addict, a criminal and
alcoholic.... why were we surprised at all?

Bonnie Calhoun said...

That was great.

Now me nad Mir are the only bloggers in the known world to have not said anything about Frey.

I post mostly humor...hmmmmm!

Brenda Coulter said...

Thanks, friends. I don't write any serious poetry, just goofy little rhymes like this one to tuck into family birthday cards and the like.

I kept telling myself I was not going to post about James Frey and Oprah. Oh, well.

Katie Hart said...

Well, I haven't blogged about Frey - I wouldn't even know he existed were it not for the blogs I visit. I don't pay much attention to Oprah, memoirs, or ABA fiction.

Millenia Black said...

Very clever, Brenda! I love it.

Josie said...

Hilarious and creative post!

Brenda Coulter said...

Um, thanks. But I'm thinking you people are just a little too easily impressed.

Julana said...

ha ha.
I saw the last half of that Oprah. I kept feeling like this was just because they got caught. Both Frey and Oprah. Sad.
As Poynter said, TRUTH MATTERS.

Camy Tang said...

You're great, Brenda.

Small Blue Thing said...


Who´s James Frey?:(

Cheers back at home (and congratulations for that new novel!)

Brenda Coulter said...

Welcome back, Blue Thing, and thanks for the congratulations. James Frey wrote a memoir, A Million Little Pieces, that got some fantastic publicity and sold phenomenally well. And then it was discovered that his "true stories" contained quite a number of outright falsehoods. People who bought the book are outraged. It's been all over the news here in the U.S.