Monday, January 02, 2006

Meandering Monday

I was all set to tear into the new year first thing this morning. I planned to clean my office and get organized. Make out a schedule of things I want to accomplish this month. Then start working on my taxes and--

All right, you don't really want to hear all of that. You have overcrowded lives of your own. My point is that I didn't roll out of bed until nine o'clock, and halfway through a pot of English Breakfast tea and a cream-cheese-smeared hunk of banana-nut bread (I am not one of those women who begins dieting on January first--how could I when I always get a lovely box of Godiva chocolates for Christmas?) I realized today is a holiday for most workers.

So that's it. I'm taking (another) holiday, too. The new year can wait.

In the spirit of goofing off, here are three funny things:

  • Jennifer Crusie's office is way messier than mine. Shoot, Jenny's office is way messier than anybody's. But I admire her electric blue walls and her striped yellow curtains.

  • Somebody searched Yahoo yesterday for "well-adjusted writer" and was sent to my blog! That's right, I am the second result Yahoo returns for that particular search term. Clearly, somebody has screwed up somewhere.

  • In this post I made a joke about being only a faux litblogger because I don't have Ron Hogan's home phone number. (You all know Ron, right? He's the man behind the curtain over at the excellent Well, several days ago he sent me a courtesy e-mail and right there at the bottom of the message (I'm sure you meant to delete it, Ron, and just forgot) was his home address and telephone number.

  • Who will start the bidding at fifty dollars?


Anonymous said...

hey Brenda,
the rat here, glad that you made it though the weekend!

Katrina Stonoff said...

I love this entry. Jennifer Crusie's office has made me feel much better about myself. My hubby and I have been discussing offices--I said mine needed cleaning before our New Year's party, and he said it looked like an office, that everybody who actually works in their office has a messy one. Anyway, now he says Jennifer's is what office's look like, so I'm feeling like a neat-freak.

Personally, I think a Yahoo/Goodle search for "well-adjusted writer" should link to an urban legends site. ;-)

And congratulations for becoming a REAL litblogger.

Katrina Stonoff said...

(Oops...the grammar police are going to come after me for that erroneous apostrophe!)

Brenda Coulter said...

Oh, I'll never be a real litblogger, Katrina, because contemporary literary fiction just doesn't interest me all that much. So I just dip my toe in the water and make fun of all the swimmers. ;-)

Ron said...

That's my maildrop and my cell phone (or "work number," as I like to call it), actually. But you can still use them to get hold of me if you ever come to the big city!

Brenda Coulter said...

That's my maildrop

Ah. Thought it must be your home address. But I didn't get any bids on it, either way. Probably because these people thought I was just kidding. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by, Ron. Again. I'll stop teasing you now and let you get back to work.