Friday, December 30, 2005

Rare sighting

During the past year I've posted several photos of my Number One Son, but none of his brother. It's not that I don't like the younger kid, merely that he's about as willing as Bigfoot to hold still in front of a camera. But either something has changed or he just wasn't paying attention one day last week when he came into my office to talk and I grabbed my camera and pointed it at him.

"I'm putting this on my blog," I warned. "The whole world will see you."

He just shrugged and walked away.


Anonymous said...

you have a very looking son, Brenda, you have been very blessed to have 2 sons at you do! :)

Bonnie Calhoun said...

He's a cutey pie! Yikes! Don't tell him! boys hate to hear that.

Yanno(TM Miss Snark), I've learned from experience, when their willing to be accomidating....there's an ulterior motive (cue the maniacal laughter)

And by the way..finishing my coffee before I go ANYWHERE, is like finishing breathing...I do both all day!

lindaruth said...

He's a cutie! Why is it that the cute ones are camera shy? I've got an absolutely adorable son who hides when the camera is out. :)

Mirtika said...

Sweet Baby's Breath! What a lanky bit of cuteness. If I were quite young, I'd be smitten. Love the tousled hair, slightly drooped posture look. Very endearing.

So, do girls follow him home?

Winter said...

Brenda, you've got trouble on your hands with that one! Good grief, is this what I have to look forward to with three boys. Heck, I've already been told my little girl is a looker.

Me thinks their Army Dad is gonna be awaitin' at the doorstep in full camo and shotgun at ready when the boys come a callin'! And Mom is gonna be watchin' the girls! Muwhahahahaha!

Camy Tang said...

Wow, hottie and a half. Good genes, eh?

Brenda Coulter said...

I'm afraid I am unable to comment further on the individual whose photograph accompanies this post. As I depend on him to make late-night cafe latte runs on my behalf, it is imperative that I stay on his good side. If you get my drift. ;-)

Josie said...

My gosh!!! What a cutie! You must be so proud of him!