Friday, December 02, 2005

More Moleskine Madness

Back in April I happened to mention Moleskine notebooks here and was surprised and thrilled when my post was picked up a couple of days later and featured on the hugely popular That link brought an amazing amount of traffic to my little blog, and I noticed something else--that using the word "Moleskine" will snag you traffic from all over the internet, mostly via Technorati. So in recent months, mentioning Moleskine notebooks to score Technorati hits has become something of a running gag around here.

This morning the Moleskinners are again coming at me in droves because another of my posts, one that does not even contain the M-word, is being featured on right now. Seriously. Armand B. Frasco, the gentleman genius behind the site, liked what I wrote yesterday and posted an excerpt. Bless his heart.

Moleskines rule.

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