Saturday, November 19, 2005

Am I a Bush supporter?

This morning a longtime reader of this blog forwarded something to me via e-mail with the note, "You haven't said, but I know you're a Bush supporter, so...."

No, I haven't said. So with respect, my friend, you don't know. Yes, I have opinions about politics, but that is not what this blog is about, so you haven't read anything for or against Republicans or Democrats here. Yes, I am a conservative Christian. But that is a statement of my religious faith, not a political declaration. So anyone who lumps me with the so-called Christian Right and counts my vote before I cast it is making some pretty big assumptions.

Like everyone else, I have an opinion on whether or not W. stole that election from Al. I also have an opinion about the war in Iraq. But you know, for almost a year now I've been able to find plenty to say on this blog without bringing up politics, so I'm going to keep on not talking about politics.

Some of you who read this blog every day might think you know me. But really, you don't, and that is by my design. I am not spreading out my life here for others to inspect. I'm very much aware that anything posted on the internet is "forever" and can't be erased if I decide later to reclaim my privacy. So if I had an argument with my husband last night, you're not going to read about it here. Neither will I tell you if I've gained or lost twenty pounds or what city I live in or whether I breastfed my two boys or how much money I make off my writing. I'm comfortable with you all knowing what I think about Harry Potter books and used-book stores and plagiarism, and even that I have a blogger's crush on a gentleman whose name I won't mention (in this post, at least) because my favorite sister says I mention him too often and he might be getting a little creeped out. But what you see here is just one facet of my life; the one I'm putting out for public consumption.

I've said before that a writer can't help spilling some of her worldview onto the page. If you've read Finding Hope, you know I subscribe to the biblical prohibition against Christians marrying non-Christians. My second book, A Family Forever, makes it clear that I place high value on a man's honor. (The hero of that story makes some pretty amazing promises and is determined to keep them all or die trying.) And even here on the blog, I've revealed big chunks of my personality and moral code, often while being only vaguely aware of having done so.

But I'm actually a very private person, so everything I write is automatically censored by my fear of telling too much, of putting something "out there" that I may never be able to clarify or take back. I've seen it suggested on other blogs that I avoid political controversy so as not to offend my readers, but that's nonsense. Surely as many readers would be attracted by such discussions as offended.

So am I a Republican? Am I a Bush supporter? Should we get out of Iraq?

If I ever turn this into a political blog, I'll be sure to let you know.


Mirtika said...

And you know what, I've known you longer than you've had this blog and I don't know your personal politics, either. :)

Me, I'm a right-winger. Have been since my late teens. But that doesn't mean squat, cause I've voted for democrats and would vote for an Independent. It all depends on their positions. I'm all about the positions. Just cause I'm a moral conservative doesn't mean I'm anti-big-government. People, I think, have issues that are close to their heart. And they vote on those one or two or three issues. If party A covers more of your core issues than party B, even if they are hardly your ideal party, you'll likely swing that way.

But pigeon-holing is probably not a good idea. I know several lifelong liberal democrats who voted for Bush because of the terrorism issue. That became their core thing. And I'm sure some religious righters who are pacifists voted against him cause of the war. That was their core issue.

I think where Brenda, you and I, would agree is that we'll go to the Bible for clues to our moral path and, even, voting path. We hold that above all parties and affiliations. :)


Brenda Coulter said...

we'll go to the Bible for clues to our moral path and, even, voting path. We hold that above all parties and affiliations. :)


Dr. Lisa said...

What's a blogger's crush?

Hey, I'm stupid, remember?????

Robin Bayne said...

And I have appreciated this non-political blog. I've been to some author's blogs that actually scare me, they are so politically-driven, one way or the other.

Brenda Coulter said...

I know what you mean, Robin.

Lisa, a blogger's crush is the profound admiration one blogger cherishes for a bigger, better blogger.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

AMEN Brenda...the Bible is my guide too! I also am a conservative christian.

Keep up the good work! And watch those blogger crushes :-)

pacatrue said...

It's OK. You can confess your blogger crush on me. I don't mind. I can handle the flattery.

No, really. It's OK.

{crickets chirping}


you mean it wasn't me?

shoot, where's that delete button.

Oh, here it is near the-

Mirtika said...

I have a blogger's crush on The Anchoress (very political/spiritual) and on J.Mark Bertrand (literary/spiritual). And I have a thing for Brenda's garden.

I'm not ashamed to admit it. :)