Thursday, October 20, 2005

Online writers conference at SORMAG

Would you like to attend a free writers conference--in your jammies?

Of course you would, and now you can. Beginning this weekend and running through next Saturday, SORMAG's Blog will host an online conference for writers.

Anyone will be able to read the panel discussions and workshops (they'll be posted on a blog, after all), but you won't be able to participate in the discussions or ask questions and you won't be eligible for the door prizes unless you register for the conference. Do that right now, because by Saturday it will be too late.

I'll be on one of the panels, "Is Blogging Good for Writers?" next Saturday, October 29. (My answer to that question, by the way, might surprise some of you.) My editor, Steeple Hill's Krista Stroever, will participate in a panel discussion on Wednesday. And more than 50 other writers will be involved in more workshops and panel discussions that I was in the mood to count this morning, so it looks like there will be something for everybody.

Here's a brief look at the schedule (the details are here):

Sunday, 10/23 - Writing For The Lord

Monday, 10/24 - New Writers

Tuesday, 10/25 - Reader’s Day

Wednesday, 10/26 - Advanced Writers

Thursday, 10/27 - Self-Publishing

Friday, 10/28 - The Business of Writing

Saturday, 10/29 - Promotion

There will be a pre-conference mixer tomorrow and Saturday (October 21-22). Bring your own coffee, and look for me over there.


Chris said...

What! You're not doing "Hair and Beauty Tips for Today's Woman" on Tuesday?

--Chris (dFm)

Brenda Coulter said...

They didn't even ask me. Apparently, I'm not viewed as an authority on those things. Go figure.